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Like all sports, snowboarding has its own special language. Here are a few examples, which have been provided by international snowboarding competition judge Jason Dow. If you'd like to learn more, try Jason's site on the World Wide Web at:

Halfpipe: two curved walls of snow that form a half of a pipe shape, where snowboarders perform tricks.

Fakie: riding backward.

Backside: refers to the back portion of the snowboard where the rider's heels rest.

Boned: a trick performed with exceptional straight-legged style - a "boned out" trick looks straight and strong.

Air to fakie: any airborne trick when the wall of snow is approached head-on and the landing is made backyard.

Duckfoot: a term used to describe a competitor's foot placement - toes pointing outward like a duck.

Freeriding: snowboarding for fun without competition or rules.
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Title Annotation:glossary of terms used for snowboarding
Publication:U.S. Kids
Date:Dec 1, 1996
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