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Snow daze: Fitness Farm fun.

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to give up having healthy fun! In fact, there's nothing quite like exercise to make a gray dreary day seem sunny and bright. Try these winter fitness games and find out.

Fox and Geese

This game is played a lot like tag. Five to ten kids can play.

1. Before you start the game, step off a large circle in the snow (about 30 feet in diameter) and divide it up so that it looks like a huge wagon wheel with six spokes (see picture to the left).

2. The center of the wheel where the spokes meet is home base.

3. Choose one player to be the fox. The others are geese. The object of the game is for the fox to chase the geese and tag them as they run around the hub of the wheel and along the spokes.

4. The geese may run in any direction, but they must follow the lines of the wheel. A tired goose may seek safety in home base for a little while, but when a second goose enters, the first goose must leave.

5. The fox chases the geese by running inside the circle, but he must not touch the lines.

6. Any goose tagged by the fox is out of the game. When the last goose is caught, the game is over. Choose a new fox and start again.

Air Ball

Wear mittens or gloves for this game - it makes it more fun. You'll need a lightweight ball, such as a volleyball. You can play this game by yourself, but it's best with several friends.

1. Toss the ball into the air above your head.

2. When it comes back down, hit the ball with the open palms of both your hands. Hit it back into the air toward one of your friends. Don't let the ball touch the ground.

3. Each time you hit the ball, call out the number of times the ball has been hit.

4. If you have two balls and several people who want to play, try splitting up into two teams. The winner is the team that keeps the ball up for the most hits.
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