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Ya may have missed it Snitcherinos, but former House Major Leader Deejay threw his hat in the ring again.

Not for any political office specifically, of course. And he didn't grace us with a time frame for his return. Let's just say he's keeping his dibs in.

What else could you say after reading his missive to the editor of the Lawrence Eagle-Trib--the one that ran on Dec. 3?

In it, Deejay spends a couple of sentences telling the peeps of Windham and Salem--his House district, dontcha know: "I will simply say I am sorry."

'Course he doesn't ever say what specifically he's sorry for--not a word about the lying about his internship to UNH Law, but maybe he figures everyone remembers, which is pretty easy to do when you think the world, or at least a good chunk of it, revolves around you.

Anyway, Snitcherinos, Deejay spends the rest of his missive paving the way for his own revival, with the promise (or threat, depending where you're coming from) that "I will begin a journey of dedicated public service and volunteerism to fully account for my errors and channel my disappointment in a positive way that continues serving New Hampshire. I plan on dedicating myself to increasing access to justice and assisting disadvantaged children and veterans."

Sounds nice. And those are just the kind of issues that need to be addressed in the Legislature. Or maybe beyond?

It's getting serious, Snitcherinos.

Someone needs to tell the poobahs and poobettes at the NHGOP that it may be time to check the expiration date on one John Henry Sununu.

Judging by his performance t'other day--hosted by the Think Tankers at the Jos. Bartlett Center--the stuff coming out of his mouth is starting to take on a f0ul odor.

From the git-go Our Man From Havana wanted everyone in attendance to know that he's still got the Angry White Man shtick going, left over from his oh-so-memorable performance during Mittens' presidential campaign. This time he kept up the 47% drumbeat--that the peeps who voted for President Barry are "dependent" on government.

His shtick didn't fall on deaf ears, of course. But wouldn't it be interesting for the peeps in attendance to spend a nanosecond recalling that Havana and his family are the owners of nunuther than the Waterville Valley ski resort--which exists in the heart of the White Mt. Forest. Federal land, dontcha know.

Snitch's Words to Wise: Moral indignation is jealousy With a halo.
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