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Recent items from the pen of Mr. Snitch, the mysterious and all-knowing contributor to

Well, Snitcherinos, that was sure a load off when Guv Flinch endorsed Maggie No Labels for guy.

If "what took him so long?" emanated from your mind when hearing the news, you were not alone.

And if you spent a week or so convincing yourself of the possibility that Flinch might--just might--talk himself into endorsing Pride The Mountain. You might not have been alone on that one either. Stranger things have happened with the bipartisan guy, ain't they?

As for why he didn't endorse her at the "unity" first meal of the day right after the primary, the answer is an easy one: He had to make sure the weather report was for good weather. Never know when there may be a flood, Snitcherinos.

So if you're wondering when we're gonna see Flinch on the campaign trail for Mags, better check with Accu-Weather first.

Don't think that GOPers aren't getting even more nervous than usual about losing Senate District 1, where Dem Jazzy Jeff Woodburn is facing Little Debi Warner.

The latest is an attempt to dig up some dirt on Jazzy J involving a tax lien that doesn't exist anymore.

Considering that's the best they could do, Snitcherinos, Snitch stands by his last predicto that you can count this one as a Dem takeover.

Snitch's Words to the Wise: A person who keeps saying he's nobody's fool usually has his suspicions.

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Title Annotation:Flotsam & Jetsam
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
Date:Oct 19, 2012
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