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Snitch corner: recent items from the pen of Mr. Snitch, the mysterious and all-knowing contributor to

* As Snitch told ya earlier, the blood is getting badder between supporters of Maggie No Labels and Professor Jackie.

But no Maggie supporter has come close to ticking off the Professor's peeps as much as Emily's List, the PAC that says it wants to help elect pro-choice women Derns. First, they dissed the Professor by not even considering giving her any dough, and simply shoveling it to Maggie. Now, there's an EL newsletter that includes the insinuation that Maggie's the only pro-choice woman in the race. To wit:

"There's just one opportunity to elect a pro-choice Democratic woman governor in 2012, and it's in New Hampshire, where former state Sen. Maggie Hassan ... is running to keep the seat in Democratic hands. Hassan is likely to face Tea Partier Ovide Lamontagne, an anti-choice zealot, in November.... Political handicappers agree that this race is a true toss-up. r If Hassan loses, there won't be a single pro-choice Democratic woman governor in the country."

Whoa, Nellie. There's a Big Bowl of Wrong in those sentences, Snitcherinos. Biggest in the Bowl is the Simple Fact that the Professor is in the race right now. Meaning that Maggie NL doesn't present "just one opportunity to elect a pro-choice Democratic woman governor in 2012."

And you wanna know why the blood's getting badder and the skin's getting thinner?.

* Speaker Bully-O's latest compulsive foray into sound-bite, W-air-time politics is his call for a probe of the State Liquor Commission.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but doesn't he have at least one friend or companion who can tell him that his days as Speaker are numbered, and that maybe if he learned how to tone it down he might be named deputy chairman of a nice little House Committee.

If he's re-elected to the House in the first place, of course.

Snitch's Words to the Wise: All political parties die in the end of swallowing their own lies.

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