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Sneezes, Snorts & Sniffles: 7 Piano Pieces with Extra-musical Sounds.

Sneezes, Snorts & Sniffles: 7 Piano Pieces with Extra-musical Sounds, by Wendy Stevens. The Willis Music Company, 2014.; 16 pp., $7.99.

Sneezes, Snorts & Sniffles: 7 Piano Pieces with Extra-Musical Sounds by Wendy Stevens is a beautiful book for the early-elementary piano student. The colorful cover is designed attractively to draw the attention of a younger student. The titles of the pieces are cute and interesting: "The Hiccup Song," "Stinky Feet," "A-choo!," "I'll Give You a Snort," The Snoring Song, I he Gasping Song" and "The Sniffles." The printing is very clear and clean, making it ideal for early-elementary students to read (and "older" teachers to see from the side of the piano bench).

All seven songs are played with both hands, but the first five songs are written with only one note playing at one time. The last two pieces have short measures when a chord or single notes are played hands together. All are in 4/4 or 3/4. While there are no sharps or flats in the key signature, there are a few accidentals in some pieces. The pieces do have short sections where the hands move "8va" and "15ma" and back to the original position (except for the sixth piece that features playing the top B and C on the piano). The pieces do alter playing in middle-C position with moving the hands up or down a key. Basic musical concepts of tempo and dynamics are appropriately included for the young student.

Stevens wrote the words as well as the music. Each piece has very cute and interesting words. Four of the pieces end with a "sniff," "snort," "hic-cup" or "a-choo." These extra-musical sounds to be added by the young student would be appealing.--Reviewed by Jo Plunkett, NCTM, Orange Park, Florida

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Author:Plunkett, Jo
Publication:American Music Teacher
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2015
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