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Sneaky ways to learn more about you!

Girl, there's more to you than meets the eye. Like, do you know what that red drop-sleeve top you picked out says about your personality? Or that the day you were born, the way you sign your name and even what kinds of animals roam your yard reveal secret clues about you? No need to be a stranger to yourself, is there? Get ready to peel off a few layers of your persona.

What your favorite COLOR says about you!


When you shop for hack-to-school clothes, is "Think pink" your personal mantra? Or does your bedroom scream, "I'm passionate about purple!"? Believe it or not, your favorite color says a lot about who you are. Read on to figure out your very own made-in-the-shade "me" mysteries....


You drama queen, you! Girls who love red are outgoing and love being the center of attention. One thing you should watch, though, is that hot temper of yours. Because you're strong-willed, it's easy to get into shouting matches with people about the stupidest things. You might need to learn how to count to 10 before you speak--or maybe even 11 or 12!


You're a real bud! If you favor orange, you're a happy person with a positive attitude about life. When people meet you, they know right away they've found a friend. Your gentle spirit and sweet energy could attract all kinds of cool people. Your sympathetic ear makes people feel comfortable confessing their innermost secrets to you.


You love clowning around! If yellow is your favorite color, you've probably been voted "Funniest Girl in the Class" at least once. You have a great sense of humor and are known to act goofy, especially when trying to cheer somebody up. You could easily turn your talent for performing into a hobby or even a career. Try auditioning for the school play or singing in a band--you'll be signing autographs before you know it!


If you love green, you're way insightful. You have an eerie knack for sizing people up the minute you meet them. Others might find your smarts a bit intense--you figure things out pretty quickly. You can tackle probs both at school and in your personal life without blinking an eye. Your poise and sense of calm mean you can succeed in almost any situation.


Cold hands, warm heart! If you're drawn to blue, you're emotional and big-hearted. Sometimes you can get so caught up in what other people are feeling that you experience their ups and downs right along with them. At times, you're supersensitive--crying one minute and laughing the next. Stay grounded with activities like sports or working out. Sweating it out can help balance your emotions when you get too out of whack.


Creativity is your middle name! If pink intrigues you, you're totally imaginative. You're the one who always comes up with that extra cool, extra special way of doing any project. You love color, arts and crafts, and graphic design. In art class, you're probably ahead of your time, so keep developing those talents. After graduation, you could rise to the top in any field where creativity counts.


No autographs, please. If you love purple, you have a special magnetism--you draw all eyes your way. You are powerful and larger than life, and people are very attracted to you (boys hover around you like bees!). Maybe you could use this energy to become an actress or musician. The challenge could be learning how to work hard, because sometimes things are handed to you. Careful--you won't always be the teacher's pet!


Hello, Vampira! If you love black, then you love being mysterious and don't like other people knowing your business. You might have unusual hobbies or clothing styles, and people might sometimes hassle you because your tastes are different. But don't let their short-sighted comments get to you. Some people are very threatened by those who have their own vision. Stand your ground, and dare to be unique!


"Don't sweat it," is your motto. If white is your color, you're very balanced as a person. People might accuse you of being an open book because you have nothing to hide. You live life simply, and you avoid complicated relationships and mean-spirited cliques. Your no-nonsense approach to life leaves you plenty of energy to focus on the important things. Your talent for reaching out to others in need means you'll make a real difference in the world!

Your is at future hand!


Palm reading is an art that goes way back. Some people believe the patterns in your palm can reveal your true talents, uncover hidden emotional nature and give insight into how to approach life's stickier situations. Want to try it? Look at the palm of the hand you write With--that one has the most energy in it!


The fate line starts at the base of your hand near your wrist and extends to one finger. It shows your talents and interests. Your fate fine can give clues about which classes you can ace or what career you should go for.

* FATE LINE HEADED TOWARD INDEX FINGER If your fate line points to your index "Jupiter" finger, you have a talent for science, math and numbers. You're good at measuring and have a real gift for following step-by-step directions. You'd make a great doctor, vet, biologist or accountant.

* FATE LINE HEADED TOWARD MIDDLE FINGER If your fate line points to your middle "Saturn" finger, you're determined to do things your way. You'll likely create your own path in life, starting a business or promoting your talents in a unique way. You tend to be a leader, not a follower.

* FATE LINE HEADED TOWARD RING FINGER If your fate line points to your ring "Apollo" finger, you could become famous! This line is rare. At some point, you might be in the newspaper or on TV. Your accomplishments can be in any field. Just don't let all that attention go to your head!

* FATE LINE HEADED TOWARD PINKIE If your fate line points to your pinkie "Mercury" finger, you're a born communicator. Writing, public speaking and performing are all you. You're great with words and easily express yourself. You could become a comic, journalist or professor.


This line, which starts on the pinkie side of your hand, shows your emotional nature. Are you an optimist, pessimist or somewhere in between?

* HEART LINE SLOPING UPWARD You have a positive outlook on life. Even when something weird happens, you see it as a challenge, not a disaster. You have a "can do" attitude that helps you get through anything, as well as energizes the people around you.

* HEART LINE ENDS IN A STRAIGHT LINE You're a cool mix of optimist and pessimist, depending on the sitch. Overall, you're easy-going and low-key. You prefer to test the vibes before you make any drastic moves.

* HEART LINE SLOPES DOWNWARD You get discouraged easily. Overcome that pessimism, and embrace a positive attitude, If you stick to it, you'll see physical changes in your palm. Over months, the line on your hand might move upward. Yes, the lines in the palm do change over time!


Your life line runs between your thumb and index finger down to the base of your hand. And no, the life line does not predict your fife span!

* LIFE LINE HAS A BREAK OR A SPLIT This does not mean you're destined for an early death! Breaks in the life line indicate a big turning point in your life--you could go to a college in a cool new town, start a new relationship or even have a major career change somewhere down the road.

* DOUBLE LIFE LINE Double life lines are rare. They mean you have two distinct sides to your personality. The trick is to find a way to express both "selves." It can be a real challenge but also really exciting.


Some people have lines in their palms that not everybody has. That's what makes these markings so special!

* THE MYSTIC CROSS "La Croix Mystique" is when an X marks the spot under your heart line, It shows that you have special intuition and psychic abilities. You often see one step ahead of things, gaining glimpses of the future in dreams. You're great at "reading" people.

* RING OF SOLOMON If you have a small line dipping just below the crease in your index finger, you're the thoughtful type, always trying to figure out what makes people tick. You're drawn to philosophy, psychology and the arts. You love to ponder the meaning of life!

* THE GIRDLE OF VENUS If a line scoops down under the creases of your middle and ring fingers, you have lots of drama in your life. Relationships can be like something out of a movie, with lots of emotion.

Do You Have Psychic Powers?

Debbie Elkind

Ever get a creepy feeling like you knew something was going to happen before it did? And, no, we're not talking about knowing your mom is gonna freak when she discovers that you've smashed the top of her favorite pink lipstick! Take this quiz to find out how in touch you are with your inner crystal hall.

1. Your cell rings and you... A) Have an eerie feeling that it's your mom telling you to catch a ride because she can't pick you up after school. B) Know it's your BFF because she always calls you at this time. C) Duh! Look at the display to see who it is.

2. You admire... A) Madonna for seeking spiritual awareness and maintaining a lean yoga bod. B) Kate Hudson because she's got a zany, creative energy but still manages to stay grounded. C) Reese Witherspoon for being cute and perky but, at the same time, never puffing any punches.

3. You have used a Ouija board... A) Used one? You've made one. In fact, you had to stop using it because your friends were getting a little spooked. B) Once at a slumber party. You thought it was a little creepy but also kind of silly. C) Never. No way is it possible to contact the dead.. let alone with a piece of cardboard.

4. You're totally crushing on the hot new guy in homeroom, and you just know... A) You two are destined to be together. How? You read it in your tarot cards. B) You'll figure out a cool way to let him know you dig him, eventually. C) Why bother? Even though you've caught him checking you out, one of the popular girls will snare him first.

5. You're worried your BF is cheating on you because... A) You have a sixth sense when it comes to these things. B) He's been acting really weird and avoiding you. Plus, you've heard a few whispers around school C) You saw him making out with a girl at the mall! You knew he couldn't be trusted.


You are spiritual diva with terrific powers of perception. Sometimes, your ability to foretell the future is uncanny. So much so that, when you say you have a gut feeling about something, people listen! You are passionate and creative free spirit. However, you can get so carried away by the allure of the mysterious that you forget to pay attention to what's around you. Trust your intuition, but put less stock in forces outside your own control. Just remember that, ultimately, no mystic force is more powerful than your own good sense.


You re curious, yet cautions; adventurous, but practical. All in all, it's the best of both worlds! While you are willing to keep an open mind about other people's spiritual beliefs, you know that some questions can never truly be answered. Still, you're happy to explore the idea the there's more to this world than meets the eye. You will gladly visit a fortune-teller, and you read your horoscope regularly-but you only put so much stock in what they have to say. At the end of the day, you'd rather know what your best friend and mom think your future holds.


You are not particularly interested in mystical stuff You think it's silly to spend time thinking about things that can't be proven. You're great at math and science because you prefer hard facts and figures over messy concepts and ideas. You're honest (even to the point of being downright blunt), and you often have difficulty trusting people. Don't let your tendency to see things in black-and-white stop you form being willing to consider alternatives. After all, the key to true knowledge lies in considering all option.



You've seen animals appear around you--in your yard, the park or wherever. But did you know each animal you see carries a special meaning? Many people believe that animals are our special helpers--kind of like furry guardian angels. They look out for us and bring us good luck.

Different animals deliver different messages. By learning what each animal represents, you can figure out what an animal is trying to tell you when you see it. An animal is only a special messenger if it is a wild animal. Your pet goldfish or animals that live at the zoo don't count!.


Bunnies show that your ideas are taking root. Things you are planning, like getting good grades, pursuing a crush or redecorating your room should go easier if the bunny is around. If a bunny lives in your yard, this is good-although your folks might not want him eating the garden!


Deer tell you that you should spend more time outdoors. Sometimes, it's tempting to be glued to the tube or stay inside playing Sims. Deer also show you it's time to take better care of your body by eating the right foods or exercising more.

Frog or toad

Frogs and toads both mean you should take some quiet time to figure things out in your life. Maybe you need to cool your temper over a tight you had with someone before you talk to the person again. Or perhaps you ought to write some thoughts or poems down in a journal, just for fun. Quiet time can make you feel much better about things.


Robins not only show that spring is coming, but they bring good luck to the person who sees them. When you see a robin, expect something new to enter your life. This could be a new friend or BF--or an idea for a new creative project.


Not everybody appreciates lizards but, like all animals, they carry meaning. If you spot a lizard, be on the lookout for events from the past to stir up. You could bump into an old BFF or hear from an ex-boyfriend, which might be weird or cool, depending on the situation.


The fox delivers an interesting message. He could be trying to warn you not to be fooled by appearances. Somebody might be trying to impress You--except, he or she might not be a good person. Look beneath the surface of things after you've seen a fox. The fox fells you to look out for yourself and to make sure people are treating you right!


Butterflies are positive. They mean you have an ability to connect with the energy of dreams and luck. If you see a butterfly, you might experience something exciting over the next few weeks. You could discover that somebody cute has a crush on you, or receive recognition for something.


Ladybugs give off an energy of curiosity and play. They remind you to have more fun. If a ladybug shows, she is sending a message to lighten up! Reach out to friends who put a smile on your face, anti share come laughs with them.


Bluejays are noisy, always complaining about something. Although they're pretty, they can be a sign of conflict. To avoid trouble, try not to lose your temper over minor things.


It's easy to freak over a spider, but they're a positive sign. Think about how the spider works to make a beautiful web. The spider tells you creativity will be flowing.



Numerology is about discovering your personal energy number. To figure out where your vibe falls, look at the numbers in your month, date and year of birth. Say you were born Oct. 6, 1986. October is the 10th month, so start with 10. Then you add 6 for the day and 1,9,8, and 6 for the year. This equals 40. Keep adding digits left to right until they reduce to one number. So add 4 plus 0, which equals 4. Four would be your number! Now, calculate your personal energy number, and check its meaning.

1 You're independent. You don't like others to control you, so when your parents give you a list of chores, it bums you out! You love to stand out in a crowd. You hate homework and, frankly, anything that isn't fun!

2 You work best with a partner. When cramming for a test, you like to team up with a study buddy. Going to a dance or a party? You feel better when you have somebody at your side!

3 You love to make things, like crafts and decorating. No limit to your talent, you can also design computer programs or come up with graphics for a Web page. You have a strong imagination!

4 You have a split personality. At times, you're very social; at others, you like to be alone! Your moods change quickly. Express yourself in a positive way-people will better understand you.

5 You crave adventure. You're always planning a new quest. A so-so grade isn't enough--you want an A+1 And you're not happy just dating some guy. He has to be the ultimate Mr. Right. Sometimes, you set goals that are a bit too ambitious. Slow down, and allow things to unfold naturally.

6 You do best when you're working within a group. You don't like to be called on in class because you are a bit shy. But if you're working on a team project or creating something with a bunch of people, you're more outgoing. Develop the ability (and nerves) to stand on your own!

7 You have some interesting theories on life. Mysteries of any kind fascinate you. You're probably into astronomy, psychology and archeology. You want life to be filled with magic. Roam among the stars-but keep a foot firmly planted on the ground!

8 You always look for logical solutions. You pull things apart and study them. You're curious about how things fit together. You'd be a great doctor, engineer or scientist.

9 You have a generous spirit. You put loved ones first. If your mom is down, you sneak a card into her purse or get dinner on the table. Just be sure to take care of you!

RELATED ARTICLE: Do you know how to analyze your Handwriting?

The way you cross those t's and dot those i's says a lot about your personality. To analyze your handwriting, just copy some text out of this magazine! Then check below to see what your handwriting style reveals about you.


1. Letters slant to the right

When letters tilt to the right, you have an impatient streak. You prefer to make your own rules instead of following orders from other people. You probably talk fast, and people need to listen carefully if they want to keep up with you!

2. Letters have little or no slant

When letters don't tilt strongly left or right, you have an easygoing personality. Your theme is, "Go with the flow." You're equally comfortable doing your own thing as working in a group. You're reliable and good at keeping promises.

3. Letters siant to. e left

When letters tilt left, you have a sensitive side. You're highly in tune with the energy of others, and negative people bring you down. Laugh more, and don't take criticism so personally. Time to grow a thicker skin!


4. Lots of loops, circles and curves

If you're "loopy," you are dramatic and artistic. You like to do things that will get you noticed. Your makeup and wardrobe are larger than life--you love being the center of attention!

5. Up and down lines, jagged corners

If your writing has lots of sharp lines and points, you'd rather be by yourself than with others. You're very private and need to be alone to recharge your batteries. You're easily stressed by noise or loud people. You need a sanctuary where you can play cool music or work on projects that lift your spirits.

6. Mixture of cursive and printing

Writing that includes a mixture of cursive and printing styles shows that you are indecisive. One minute, you're up; the next, you're down. Today, you can't stand your BF; tomorrow, you're madly in love. It's important for you to find middle ground because you're always going to extremes. Balance is key!


7. Very thick and heavy

If you write with a heavy pressure and use thick lines, you have extra confidence. You know what you have to offer is worthwhile, and you aren't afraid to speak up. Others might find you intimidating, but it's important for you to always express your opinion! Perhaps you should learn to listen to people, because you tend to hog the spotlight.

8. Medium thickness

If you write with medium thickness, you have a take-it-or-leave-it 'tude. You rarely overreact because you have control over your emotions. You don't hold grudges, and you have a very positive approach to relationships. You trust others and are quick to make new friends.

9. Very thin and spidery writing

Thin writing with a light pressure shows that you are a dreamer. You have trouble anchoring yourself in this world because you are always playing out scenes in your head. With your strong imagination, you might make an excellent writer or artist. Playing sports or working Out will keep you more grounded.


10. At the end of a sentence, text slopes upward

If your sentences tend to slope upward, you have a need to please. You will always go that extra mile to win somebody's approval. You know how to work a crowd and gain popularity through hard work. You're a natural politician, whether you realize it or not!

11. At the end of a sentence, text looks even and balanced

If your sentences don't slope upward or downward but stay somewhere in the middle, you're an excellent communicator. You work well in groups, and enjoy ream sports or acting in plays. You require energy from other people to keep you going, and you don't do well when you're by yourself.

12. At the end of a sentence, text slopes downward

If your sentences slope downward, you have a unique outlook on life. You are creative and inventive. Other people might not always understand where you're coming from. Sometimes, you probably feel like an alien because you view the world very differently.

What's your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Jennifer Shepherd

According to ancient Chinese tradition, the year you were born sets up certain energies in your life that influence your personality. Check the guide below for the year you were born to see which "sign" you are, and then read on for your zodiac personality profile.

PIG (1983 or 1995) You have a quirky style. You insist on doing things your way. If someone wants to be your friend, she has to take time to get to know you because you are very complex! You're not a big social climber, preferring instead to hang out with a few close buds who will remain loyal to you for the long-term.

RAT (1984 or 1996) You love to indulge your senses. You adore music, art, and clothes, and have an addiction to beautiful things. You can't stand places that are ugly, and it's important to have peace and quiet in your living space. But, because you love to shop, you also need to guard against over-spending!

OX (1985 or 1997) You tend to be a homebody. You'd much rather read a book or surf the Net than deal with a big group of people, You're a hard worker, and you actually enjoy doing homework! Because you are great at analyzing things, you don't mind doing research or writing reports.

TIGER (1986 or 1998) You're restless and dramatic. You're always on the move, wandering from one adventure to another. You also make new friends often--you tend to get bored hanging out with the same people all the time, You find it hard to focus on just one thing and are always entertaining new options.

RABBIT (1987) You have a gentle personality. When your siblings or friends are having a fight, you're always the peacemaker. You have an optimistic outlook on life, and you work at improving yourself. You're careful to eat the right foods and get enough exercise. No fad diets for you!

DRAGON (1988) You can be very demanding. You expect a lot from others, and you don't handle disappointment very well. You're a perfectionist who takes love, work and school very seriously. Try not to let things stress you out so much! Of all the signs, you're the one who needs to learn how to just have fun.

SNAKE (1989) You know how to conserve energy, and you have a patient personality. You'll wait however long it takes to land that great relationship or perfect position. You're not like those other, more impatient signs, You realize timing is everything, and you instinctively know just when to strike!

HORSE (1990) You're open and honest with everybody you meet. Sometimes, this can get you in trouble, because you are too trusting! You have a kind spirit and a warm energy. Your friends adore you because you are eager to help them out, and you are great at trouble-shooting. Your advice is always on target.

SHEEP (1991) You're not ambitious about becoming the most popular kid at school--you're a little shy for that. You're more interested in making things--music, painting, creative writing. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself more often. You can be a little too laid back!

MONKEY (1992) You're a social butterfly. You draw energy from other people, and you tend to get depressed if you you're alone all the time. You'd make a great school president or team captain. People enjoy your sense of humor and outgoing personality. You're a pleasure to be around.

ROOSTER (1993) You love to flirt and entertain an audience. You're great at telling stories and impersonating people. Your flair for drama could inspire you to act. You'd also be excellent on the debate team, since there's nothing you love more than a passionate discussion. If you're talking, you're happy!

DOG (1982 or 1994) You have a cheerful and affectionate personality. You always look on the bright side of life and bring positive energy. If a friend is feeling down, you offer a snappy joke or comment that will instantly lift her spirits. You are sensitive to those in need, and are generous with your time and money.
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