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Snare Networks Corporation incorporates RSA Technology into its SnareNet transparent privacy software; Company also adopts RSA to form basis of its network security toolkit.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 11, 1997--RSA Data Security, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SDTI), today announced that Snare Networks Corporation has incorporated RSA's encryption technology into its family of security software.

SnareNet, a software-only solution that provides transparent data encryption to existing network applications, and SnareTools, a software developer's network security toolkit, both take advantage of RSA's encryption technology to enable companies to extend security on intranets and across the Internet. SnareNet and SnareTools also enable corporations to reduce dependence on expensive private networks by using RSA technology to extend privacy to public networks.

"Businesses that select Snare Networks products will benefit from the additional privacy and security that they'll achieve, enabling them to use their existing applications to share confidential information over the Internet," said Jim Bidzos, president of RSA. "This is key to the evolution of electronic commerce, and we are pleased to see Snare Networks providing secure products and tools to help move the Internet to the next phase."

Snare Networks' SnareNet addresses the security problems associated with sending cleartext data -- which typically include passwords, private messages, credit card numbers, and payroll information -- over the Internet or intranets. SnareNet software provides TCP/IP encryption that users install on their computers. When users initiate their existing network applications, such as ftp, SnareNet software automatically identifies whether the destination is also "snared."

If SnareNet is installed on the remote computer (or "snared"), then a secure handshake is performed and data sent between the two computers -- or hosts -- will be automatically encrypted. This "dynamic discovery" makes SnareNet transparent to users and applications and eliminates the need for administration. And, as SnareNet is a peer-to-peer application which encrypts data before it leaves the host, all network traffic -- including local and remote -- is secure.

"Using the industry-standard RSA Public Key Cryptosystem, SnareNet generates a key pair for use during Snare secure handshakes with other SnareNet hosts," said Brad Bradley, Snare Networks product manager. "The two hosts exchange public keys and use them to exchange an encryption key. This process ensures privacy between two points, enabling companies to safely deploy mobile and remote users."

To provide customized security solutions, Snare Networks also licenses SnareTools, a network security toolkit that assists companies in plugging in their own mechanisms for authenticating and authorizing SnareNet clients. Using SnareTools, a company can leverage its security architecture to existing and legacy environments, develop sign-on applications, and build personal and workgroup firewalls.

Developers at Snare Networks Corporation used RSA's BSAFE and TIPEM software developers' toolkits to build security into the company's SnareNet and SnareTool products. The BSAFE toolkit is a cryptographer's toolkit that provides software developers with multiple algorithms and modules for adding encryption and authentication features to applications. The BSAFE toolkit includes modules for popular encryption techniques, such as RSA, DES, RC2, and RC4, and also supports digital signatures and certificates.

Snare Networks Corporation

Snare Networks Corporation is a designer, developer, manufacturer, and applications service provider of security software products and services. The company, headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, specializes in products and services that cost-effectively leverage security into existing network applications (e.g., databases, Web servers, ftp, telnet, etc.).

RSA Data Security, Inc.

RSA Data Security, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc., is the world's brand name for cryptography, with more than 80 million copies of RSA encryption and authentication technologies installed and in use worldwide. RSA technologies are part of existing and proposed standards for the Internet and World Wide Web, CCITT, ISO, ANSI, IEEE, and business, financial and electronic commerce networks around the globe. The company develops and markets platform-independent developer's kits and end-user products and provides comprehensive cryptographic consulting services.

Founded in 1982 by the inventors of the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem, the company is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif. -0-

Note to Editors: BSAFE and TIPEM are trademarks of RSA Data Security, Inc. All other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Patrick Corman Marketing & Communications for RSA

Patrick Corman, 415/326-9648


Snare Networks

Brad Bradley, 301/625-9540
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Date:Jun 11, 1997
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