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Michel and MichE le Hetier, a husband-and-wife team, are in the process of finalising the fourth edition of their book, Regards Oman.

The book is a comprehensive reference that touches on the social, cultural and economic aspects of the country and is dedicated to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. This new edition is being launched to mark the 40th Renaissance Day of Oman and is a compilation of the coupleAAEs 20 years of work.

The Hetiers are the complete team behind the effort, with Michel as the photographer and his wife as the writer and graphic designer.

The Hetiers are in awe of this country Au spellbound by its mystique and unique culture Au and this is the reason that they have completed the fourth edition of Regards Oman as well as four separate books on the Sharqiyah, the Batinah, Dhofar and the Muscat regions.

This total of eight books on Oman is in addition to their Regards series of books on the neighbouring GCC countries of Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE.

Married for 42 years and soon to be grandparents, the Hetiers first visited Oman in the late 80s, when they came to Abu Dhabi on a visit and were suggested Oman as a tourist destination. Their casual visit so enamoured the couple that they came back for more, their trips eventually shaping into month-long visits twice a year.

Usually the Hetiers decide on a region, rent a car and then hit the road. Taking everything from the conventional to the unbeaten routes, with MichE le behind the wheel and Michel behind the lens, they photograph and interact with the unusual as well as the banal to present a new outlook of things. From bull fights in Nizwa and camel races in Bidiyah to abandoned oasis dwellings in the Hajar mountains Au MichelAAEs pictures accompanied by MichE leAAEs writings provide an insight into the culture and the rapid changes taking place.

The book is in the shape of its first draft and is currently in town for approval from the Ministry of Information. Most of the pictures, with the exception of the industrial section and the official pictures of His Majesty, are shot by Michel.

The book has been printed in France by Michel Hetier Publishers and will be available in local bookshops by June. The Hetiers are going to be exhibiting 80 of their pictures at Bait al Baranda prior to the official launch of their book.

The exhibition is titled AaeColours of OmanAAE and will also showcase the work of a French painter, AgnE s Clouet, who works in abstract with mixed media. AgnE s, who has lived in Oman for two years and is drawn to the colours of the country, has previously exhibited in France and Britain. The show runs from April 3 until April 8

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Publication:The Week (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Apr 14, 2010
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