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Snakebird Review: iOS & Android.

India, Aug. 9 -- Snakebird is a lot like snake and is similar in that respect to another game in this list. Whereas 'Through the Fog' converts the idea into high art, 'Snakebird' makes it wacky and adorable. Snakebird is a game about a very peculiar creature. A Snakebird. This sedentary creature has a beak but its wings are useless and its primary method of movement is slithering about like a reptile. The game has bright, cartoony design and looks like it could've come from a children's picturebook.

The aim is to guide the sluggish snakebird around the level to eat the fruits scattered around it and finally head to a fantastical, rainbow-coloured portal. The fruits make the snake longer and this means that you have to sometimes plan the order in which to go after the fruits. There are spikes and other dangerous things and if your snakebird touches one, it will simply disappear into a cloud of smoke.

The game has some pretty engaging puzzles in each level and requires you to think before making the next move. Do not be fooled by how charming this game looks, it will test your logic a bit. However, if you make a wrong move, you can always undo the last move or simply start over. There is no limit on the resets you can make like in some other games of this sort. There is also a gridview which will help you figure out exactly what alignment the snakebird is going to be in after each move. The game is spread over a jungle and a snowy region in the free version and the paid version adds 45 more levels.

There are no ads and no complications regarding in-game currency or other incentives popularly employed to keep the player returning to the game. When you do return to this game, it is because of the pure fun of playing it.

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Date:Aug 9, 2017
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