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Snack Foods.

SNACK FOODS. Edited by R Gordon Booth. 401 pages with index. Price: 45.50 [pounds]. (UK: Chapman and Hall)

Not so much a textbook, more a book about the possibilities presented by and for snack foods. Dr Booth's aim has been to show what has been done and thus encourage the development of other snack foods, so he has encouraged the other twenty or so contributors to provide some detail as to what goes on presently but the emphasis is on what can or could be done. There are still market niches left!

On purpose this book is intended for a wide range of reader, not just scientists or food technologists. Having discussed the ingredients used in snack foods, the following chapters cover the major groups of snacks now in the marketplace and indicate how they are usually made. Following his own introductory chapter, the others have been entitled: Ingredients - their attributes and functions; Bread, pastry and cakes; Cookies, crackers and other flour confectionery; Chocolate confectionery; Sugar confectionery; Extruded snacks; Pickles, sauces and dips; Snack foods of dairy origin; Fish snacks and shellfish snacks; Meat-based snacks; Fruit-based snacks including dried and candied; Nuts; Potato-based textured snacks; Health food snacks; Refrigeration and snack food; Nutritional implications; Packaging for preservation of snack food; and Plant and equipment related to snack food manufacturing operations.

The whole snack food area is growing fast and yet it is changing by innovation, so much so that 'fashion' often has a part to play in the presentation of the product at the retail outlet. This interesting book carries both illustrations and tabular matter to fully illustrate the points being made.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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