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Smooth surfaces: sanding machines pave the way to a quality finish.

Sanding is perhaps the most important step to obtaining a well-finished product. Poor sanding preparation can result in unacceptable finish quality and rework.

What follows is some of the sanding equipment available in the marketplace. For a list of suppliers, visit the Sanding and Finishing chapter on

Holz-Her offers Kundig Brilliant widebelt sanders. Features include an electronically controlled segmented pad for sanding difficult veneers or lacquer/sealer sanding, over thickness protection and precise sanding pad adjustments.

(704) 587-3400,

Stiles Machinery

offers the Heesemann LSM-8 widebelt sander with one to six heads for sanding lacquer, veneer and solid wood up to 52-in. or 55-in. wide. It features a patented CSD segmented pressure beam, electronically-driven conveyor infeed system and automatic electronic abrasive belt braking and tracking.

(616) 698-7500,

SCM Group says the DCM System T10 widebelt sander is targeted for high-production volumes. It features unique planetary units for multi-directional sanding and vacuum hold-down for small piece processing. Multiple operations can be performed on a single machine.

(770) 813-8819,

Biesse America says the Viet Valeria series of widebelt sanders is engineered for heavy calibrating with a maximum quality of finish. The machines feature 1-8 working units and have an abrasive belt length of 103 in. to 128 in. The sanders are custom and can be used for solid lumber calibration.

(704) 357-3131,

Timesavers' SpeedSander is designed for easy operation in a small footprint. Features include a combination drum and platen sanding head, abrasive belt oscillation, electronic tracking belt, load meter and easy belt changing.

(877) 278-5853,

SuperMax Tool's SuperBrush can perform raw wood and sealer sand with a flatter-style brush head. It can break edges and open the grain for stain with a 180 or 220 grit flatter strip. To sealer sand, change strips to a 320 grit.

(888) 454-3401,

SlipCon's heavy-duty lineal sanders are designed for small as well as high-volume production. All heads are adjustable for height, RPM and rotation and can be installed with double-sided brush backed abrasives, wire or nylon brushes for distressing/scuffing.

(877) 754-7266,

Hans Weber's LCE is a compact automatic cross sander. Key patented features include: an ISA floating, segmented platen for perfectly sanded edges, says the company, and the CBF system for fine finishing. The LCE is capable of planing, general sanding, fine finishing and sealer sanding.

(913) 254-1611,

Northtech offers brush sanders in a variety of configurations. The company says models are available with 2-10 brushes, with wire brush systems and denibbing heads also offered. Custom machines are also available.

(502) 719-0015,

Cantek's C327 has two sanding heads: the first is a rubber contact drum with 7-in. diameter drum and the second is a combination head with 5-in. diameter drum and a 2-in. wide platen. Features include abrasive belt mistrack limit switches, double infeed and outfeed hold-down rolls.

(604) 540-1430,

Safety Speed Mfg. offers the Model 4375 with a 75-in. sanding belt and 43-in. width. Features include a fully adjustable platen, variable speed DC powered conveyor table and 7-1/4-in. throat opening. The company also offers the Model 3760 for smaller production requirements.

(800) 772-2327,

Arminius Tooling offers profile sanding tools for decorative grooves, profiled edges, panel raising, etc. Also available are cylindrical tools for straight edges and surfaces, as well as rotor brushes with exchangeable sanding lamella/strip brushes for all sanding and structuring work.

(320) 294-5900,

Unique Machine and Tool offers the 4500 Shape and Sand machine with two 10-hp direct drive variable speed floating shapers and 2-hp floating and tilting sanding. Every machine with two shaper stations comes standard with "jump cope" to eliminate tearout of the end grain, Unique adds.

(602) 470-1911,

Oliver says its Model 5555 37-in. dual oscillating drum sander features over a half-inch of oscillating travel, quick change sandpaper and an independently adjustable rear drum. It also has a 15-hp motor, cast-iron base, 4-post table construction and twin 4-in. dust ports.

(800) 559-5065,

Felder says the Format 4 Finish 1302 widebelt sander features a pressure bar module and combination module with a segmented electro-pneumatic sanding pad, automatic thickness measurement and blow-off facility.

(866) 792-5288,

Casadei Busellato offers the Libra 35 TC 110 sanding machine, featuring a 43 in. working width and a combination drum and segmented platen working unit. The Libra 35 TC 110 can sand and calibrate solid wood panels such as cabinet doors or face frames, in addition to the light sanding of veneer, with the segmented platen and anti-dubbing feature.

(336) 854-1211,

Voorwood offers the Model 1515 CNC feed-through shaper-sander for shaping and sanding all components of a five-piece door. The machine features an automatic tool change and positioning and the ability to stack up to 15 tools per station with HSK 63F toolholders.

(800) 826-0089,

MillSpec says with the DiscMaster series of brush sanders from LOEWER, any combination of discs, rolls or planetary heads can be used to configure a system.

(715) 355-0712,


offers PMC non-oscillating edge sanders featuring a 6-in. wide abrasive belt. Model 150 features a 40-in. platen length, and has an abrasive belt speed of 3,400 fpm. The machine also comes equipped with a magnetic starter, adjustable beds and a full tracking unit.

(866) 673-8876,

Dynabrade's Dynorbital Silver Supreme Random Orbital Sander is for high production areas and flat and horizontal sanding. Applications include wood, composites, solid surface and more. The 12,000-RPM sander is available in 3-, 3-1/2-, 5- and 6-in. diameter models.

(716) 631-0100,

Dixon Enterprises says its SurfPrep SPSS3X4 is an ergonomically designed 10,000 rpm random orbital sander, which offers a low profile. The 3x4-in. rectangular orbital sander can be used on flat surfaces, recessed corners and mouldings.

(888) 893-4966,

AirVantage Tools' new Advanced Series sanders incorporates a patented motor fan blade cooling system to lower bearing and spindle temperatures. Features include a patented dual channel vacuum design on all vacuum models.

(888) 278-3888,

SandMan Products says the Sand Pro SBP108 sanding booth is ideal for furniture that is too large to place on downdraft tables. The hinged vinyl sides and top panels allow users to construct the perimeter for the workpiece, up to 9-ft wide.

(800) 265-2008,

Denray's "Dust Facts" booklet provides answers to questions, such as: "Just how dusty is your shop?" and "What does OSHA's dust standards of maximum exposure of 5 mg/m3 mean?"

(417) 466-4046,
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