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No butts: outdoor smoking ban now needs to be next. JASON O'TOOLE Aug 1, 2021 651
Marlboro cigarettes will vanish from UK shelves in 10 years as tobacco boss wants ban; The Chief Executive of Phillip Morris International said the iconic brand will disappear as they have invested in nicotine alternatives. By, Alahna Kindred Jul 26, 2021 654
Advocates pin hopes on Duterte backing smoke-free bills as priority legislation. Jul 26, 2021 881
Long Covid sufferer plagued by a persistent tobacco smell; PHANTOM ODOUR IS RARE SIDE-EFFECT OF THE VIRUS. FINVOLA DUNPHY News Reporter Jul 21, 2021 486
Eating too much meat harmful for heart. Jul 19, 2021 182
CIGARETTE SMOKING. Hussain Siddiqui-Islamabad Jul 19, 2021 291
Eating too much meat harmful for heart. Jul 19, 2021 182
Asia asked to follow Japan's model in addressing smoking problem. Jul 18, 2021 721
Publication data show 'high fusion rate' with PEMF therapy using Orthofix device. Clinical report Jul 12, 2021 180
Abia Health Ministry Assures Assistance In Tobacco Control. Jul 12, 2021 289
What's Behind the Rise in Pancreatic Cancer Cases? Faloon, William Jul 11, 2021 3387
Doctor pushes tobacco harm reduction to help 17 million Filipino smokers. Jul 11, 2021 841
Smokers more exposed to fatal diseases: Sana Ullah. Jul 8, 2021 305
'African Walnuts Improve Semen Quality In Men Who Smoke'. Jul 8, 2021 798
Drive for smoking ban last straw for hospitality. BUSINESS TALK SARAH JOHN Jul 6, 2021 790
No smoking at dog exercise areas? Panel to consider it Smoking: Complaints are few, official says. Mick Zawislak Jun 29, 2021 424
Lake County Forest Preserve District could add dog exercise areas to no-smoking. Mick Zawislak Jun 29, 2021 437
Innovation in nicotine delivery tech seen to reduce deaths from smoking. Jun 29, 2021 1042
Parliamentarians assure PANAH to raise voice for increasing tax on Tobacco. Jun 26, 2021 157
Renew and ramp up action to address noncommunicable diseases. Jun 24, 2021 818
Investment in harm reduction offers upside to public health -- fund manager. Jun 24, 2021 870
Campaigners call for smoking ban to cover beer gardens. CATHY OWEN Reporter Jun 23, 2021 436
WEBCHAT; Campaigners want smoking banned in the nation's beer gardens. Jun 23, 2021 567
Campaign for smoking ban in pub beer gardens. CATHY OWEN Reporter Jun 23, 2021 451
Speakers for amending Smoking and Tobacco Product Usage (Control) Act. Jun 23, 2021 345
WHO says 146m Africans die yearly from tobacco-related diseases. Jun 18, 2021 210
Ban stops 42k heart attacks. ELLIE FORBES Jun 18, 2021 208
How joint efforts can help smokers quit the habit. Jun 14, 2021 358
Lawyers' groups weighs aSS260-billion losses from tobacco-linked disease vs taxes. Jun 14, 2021 366
Scotland awaits, as the Euros signal a step towards normality; "Mind you don't fall off them ladders, noo, you don't want to break the petunias," advises a Minnesota Fats regular, a plume of cigarette smoke curling up from his mischievous smile. Bill, the handyman, shoots him a grimace, and ekes carefully up the rungs. In his right hand, he holds a freshly watered hanging basket. Colourful flowers tumble over its edges, framing a plastic Saltire flag. Martyn McLaughlin Jun 12, 2021 2764
Burning, not nicotine, causes smoking-related disease. Jun 10, 2021 786
No net increase in tobacco taxes despite rise in health cost. Jun 9, 2021 324
Smoking ban outside Sheffield cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants to be considered; Sheffield Council is looking at whether it should follow other local authorities in introducing a smoking ban on pavements outside cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. Molly Williams Jun 8, 2021 344
"This is just another example of the nanny state" - Star Readers' discuss smoking being banned outside pubs and restaurants; After six councils banned smoking outside pubs and restaurants, it was revealed today that Sheffield Council is looking at whether it should follow other local authorities in introducing a smoking ban on pavements outside cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. Christopher Hallam Jun 8, 2021 884
Sheffield Council considers smoking ban on pavements outside cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants; Sheffield Council is looking at whether it should follow other local authorities in introducing a smoking ban on pavements outside cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. Molly Williams Jun 8, 2021 342
"Smokers exercising their right to smoke takes away non-smokers' right not to smoke" - Sheffield residents have their say on proposed smoking ban; Smoking outside hospitality venues in Sheffield could soon be banned - this is what residents in the city think about the proposal. Kian Rains Jun 8, 2021 455
'Outdoor smoking ban would ruin struggling pubs' landlord cautions against blanket ban. MOLLY DOWRICK @MOLLYLDOWRICK Jun 7, 2021 410
Sheffield Council considers smoking ban on pavements outside cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants; Sheffield Council is looking at whether it should follow other local authorities in introducing a smoking ban on pavements outside cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. Molly Williams, Local Democracy Reporter Jun 7, 2021 362
Outdoor smoking ban in Blackpool considered but not yet in pipeline; Blackpool Council has no immediate plans to introduce an outdoor smoking ban, but the resort's health chief says he will looks at steps being taken elsewhere to control tobacco use. Sean Gleaves Jun 6, 2021 377
Qatar University marks World No Tobacco Day. Jun 4, 2021 610
Northumberland among councils leading the way with smoking ban for pavement pubs and cafes; Smoking bans at pavement cafes and pubs serving food and drinks have now been introduced by six councils in England, including Northumberland. Ian Smith Jun 4, 2021 445
Ashrafi seeks Ulema role for awareness on climate change, smoking. Jun 3, 2021 269
Outdoor smoking ban not planned in Preston as five local authorities in England take action; Chorley Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Preston City Council have said they are not planning to ban smoking outdoors. Sean Gleaves Jun 3, 2021 382
Smokers number cross 29 million, out of 1.1 billion in the world, study says. Jun 2, 2021 438
Tobacco use in PH: Health, income going up in smoke. Jun 2, 2021 754
Educating kids on dangers of second-hand smoke. JONATHAN GEDDES Jun 2, 2021 453
Smoking affects immunity, increases coronavirus risk: WHO. Jun 2, 2021 429
'Need to restrict tobacco use'. Jun 1, 2021 598
Health ministry, WHO join hands with PRCS to train volunteers. Jun 1, 2021 368
In Utero Exposure to Heavy Metals and Trace Elements and Childhood Blood Pressure in a U.S. Urban, Low-Income, Minority Birth Cohort. Zhang, Mingyu; Liu, Tiange; Wang, Guoying; Buckley, Jessie P.; Guallar, Eliseo; Hong, Xiumei; Wang, Report Jun 1, 2021 12088
Substance Use in Refugee Camps and Local Community: Sanliurfa Sample. Ilhan, Mustafa Necmi; Ertek, Irem Ekmekçi; Kara, Melih Gaffar Gözü; Akil, Öznur; Ursu, Pavel; Ergüde Survey Jun 1, 2021 6350
Retrospective study of sudden unexpected death of infants in the Garden Route and Central Karoo districts of South Africa: Causes of death and epidemiological factors. Winterbach, M.; Hattingh, C.; Heathfield, L.J. Jun 1, 2021 7881
Oxfordshire planning outdoor smoking ban to become first 'smoke-free' county in England; Oxfordshire is considering a smoking ban for outdoor hospitality as part of plans to become the first smoke-free county by 2025. Sean Gleaves Jun 1, 2021 644
Smokers face 50% higher risk of developing COVID-19, other diseases - WHO. Jun 1, 2021 508
PRCS volunteers sign anti-smoking movement. Jun 1, 2021 636
Expert calls for extensive anti tobacco campaign. Jun 1, 2021 203
Tobacco kills over 160,000 Pakistanis every year: PM's aide. Jun 1, 2021 605
WHO calls for action on tobacco. May 31, 2021 506
Smokers at higher risk of getting Covid. May 31, 2021 1468
Can the Arab world contemplate a future without cigarettes? Farah Heiba May 31, 2021 1228
May 31 marks World No-Tobacco Day. Mustafa Marie May 31, 2021 178
World No Tobacco Day to be marked tomorrow. May 31, 2021 213
World No Tobacco Day to be marked tomorrow. May 31, 2021 213
Tobacco industry misleading celebrities. Khalil Ahmed Dogar May 31, 2021 564
Health sector intensifies awareness of harmful effects of tobacco use. May 31, 2021 235
World No Tobacco Day observed. May 31, 2021 1098
World No Tobacco Day: CISLAC wants 75% excise duty imposed on cigarettes to deter patronage. May 31, 2021 927
Smoking Kills 29,472 Nigerians Annually a Study. May 31, 2021 815
Cambodia suffers annual economic losses of $663 million to tobacco related diseases. May 30, 2021 914
Life-time tobacco consumption and oral cancer among citizens of a high incidence metropolis. Alamgir, Muhammad Mohiuddin; Shaikh, Fouzia Report May 30, 2021 2487
ICT admin striving for tobacco smoke-free Islamabad. May 29, 2021 315
Doctor explains causes of a cough, now a no-no in public. May 27, 2021 353
Pakistan wins WHO's World No Tobacco Day 2021 Award. May 24, 2021 454
Pakistan urged to follow UN convention on child rights. May 24, 2021 456
How Heart Attacks Happen: If you think they're caused by "plugged pipes," you're wrong. May 21, 2021 574
Hailstorm-hit tobacco farmers seek govt assistance. May 20, 2021 270
Second-hand tobacco exposure in utero linked to decreased lung function in children. Daily News Egypt May 19, 2021 501
House to pass landmark bill regulating e-cigs and heated tobacco products to curb cigarette smoking. May 19, 2021 891
PM's decision to withdraw from tobacco firm's webinar lauded. May 17, 2021 390
Online talk show calls for stopping second-hand smoke. May 17, 2021 571
Health advocates laud PM's withdrawal from a tobacco company's sponsored webinar. May 17, 2021 320
Periodontal Disease in Medically Compromised Patients and Its Relation with Covid-19. Pendyala, Gowri Swaminatham; Kumar, Pradeep; Joshi, Sourabh Ramesh; Godara, Sonia; Shetty, Shridhar May 17, 2021 1530
Closure of TCC likely to delay health levy bill. May 13, 2021 338
an open letter to ed Foster. May 4, 2021 349
Banning Menthol Cigarettes Is Racial Justice Issue. May 4, 2021 708
Banning menthol cigarettes is racial justice issue. May 3, 2021 696
Taxing polluters fits conservative policy. May 1, 2021 268
Black nonsmokers still at high risk for secondhand exposure. Alexander, Walter May 1, 2021 941
E-cigarettes: Friends or Foes? Patrounova, Victoria May 1, 2021 1958
US to ban menthol cigarettes. Apr 30, 2021 256
Brainsway announces launch of noninvasive treatment for smoking addiction. Apr 29, 2021 153
Tobacco Control Cell disbanded. Apr 29, 2021 447
1 in 4 adults in Qatar use tobacco, HMC Tobacco Control Centre study reveals. Apr 26, 2021 532
Unconcerned or stub it out: How do YOU feel about calls to ban smoking in pub beer gardens? GREGORY FORD @FordWrit Apr 26, 2021 911
Risk of catching Covid indoors 'just as bad at 60ft apart as 6ft' new study claims; Massachusetts Institute of Technology analysed superspreading events, including airplane travel and choir practise to show just how far tiny airborne droplets containing Covid can travel. By, Talia Shadwell Apr 26, 2021 859
HMC study finds 25% prevalence of tobacco use among adults in Qatar. Clinical report Apr 25, 2021 451
Comparison of Muscular Endurance and Hypertrophy Resistance Training on Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Sedentary Male Smokers. Shaw, Brandon Stuwart; Turner, Stacey; Shaw, Ina Apr 23, 2021 4825
Legacy of SNP is broken promises, says Ross. Apr 16, 2021 176
All Anti-smokers dismiss vaping call. Apr 15, 2021 286
WHO launches new manual for tobacco taxation strategy to help in post-COVID health system recovery; cites PH 'sin tax' success story. Apr 13, 2021 390
1m smokers stub out cigs; Pandemic sparks biggest fall since 2007 ban EXCLUSIVE. Nigel Nelson POLITICAL EDITOR Apr 11, 2021 253
Tobacco useres are at increased risk of heart cancer: PANAH. Apr 9, 2021 162
Sickly chocolate and cheese Easter pizza will rise again! BRITAIN'S REGIONAL COLUMNIST OF THE YEAR GETS TO GRIPS WITH LIFE IN THE BIG CITY. MIKE LOCKLEY Apr 7, 2021 1050
Rising trend of tobacco and shisha. SHAHZAD LODHI-Rawalpindi Apr 4, 2021 292
Sickly chocolate and cheese Easter pizza will rise again! Mike Lockey Apr 2, 2021 1085
Impact of UCP2 -866G/A Variant on Smoking Risk/UCP2 -866G/A Varyantinin Sigara Icme Durumuna Etkisi. Nursal, Ayse Feyda; Uysal, Mehmet Atilla; Pehlivan, Mustafa; Sever, Ulgen; Pehlivan, Sacide Report Apr 1, 2021 3028
THE PATIENT: 37-year-old man: SIGNS & SYMPTOMS:--Cough--increasing shortness of breath--Pleuritic chest pain. Neuman, Melissa; Mahdavi, Ramyar; Khodaee, Morteza Case study Apr 1, 2021 1407
Expert reflects on big impact of smoking law. Kaiya Marjoribanks Mar 31, 2021 296
Tobacco smoke-exposed children often use emergent health services: Study. Clinical report Mar 27, 2021 297
Smoking in Scotland 15 years after ban; FIFTEEN years ago today, the nation packed away their cigarettes and lighters in public places as Scotland's smoking ban came in. Alison Campsie Mar 26, 2021 1004
Malaysia must look beyond bans and reduce health risks for smokers. Mar 24, 2021 884
As you know more, it gets more confusing. Mar 18, 2021 184
As you know more, it's more confusing; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Mar 18, 2021 238
Foreign NGO pushing for ban on cigarette alternatives funded drafting of PH regulations. Mar 17, 2021 586
Tobacco use destroying health of children as well as adults PANAH. Mar 17, 2021 218
Save our Pubs: Why Chancellor Rishi Sunak must still act to help these centres of our communities survive - Kenny MacAskill MSP; Reading George Blake's fine Scottish novel, The Shipbuilders, about the Clyde shipyards, reminded me of the pubs on its shore. Kenny MacAskill Mar 10, 2021 588
School leavers must not be lured to smoke; LETTERS. Mar 8, 2021 209
VELO damaging women's health needs to be banned, says Expert. Mar 3, 2021 360
Smoking ban could be extended further. Mar 2, 2021 347
Mental Health and Wellbeing Minister Eluned Morgan. ELUNED MORGAN COLUMNIST Mar 1, 2021 393
Illegal tobacco used in damp-proof schemes. Mar 1, 2021 159
SCHOOLS & HOSPITALS SMOKE BAN; Wales brings in PS100 fine for breach. LIZZY BUCHAN Political Correspondent Mar 1, 2021 279
Smoking in school grounds, playgrounds or hospital site made illegal in Wales; Wales is the first part of the UK to ban smoking in playgrounds and school grounds and there will be a [pounds sterling]100 fine for breaking the rules from today. By, Lizzy Buchan Mar 1, 2021 315
Smoking in school grounds or hospital sites is illegal in Wales from today; Wales is the first part of the UK to ban smoking in playgrounds and school grounds and there will be a [pounds sterling]100 fine for breaking the rules from today. By, Lizzy Buchan Mar 1, 2021 315
Ameliorative Effect of Turmeric and Cocoa Extract against Acute Second Hand Exposure of Tobacco Smoking on Hepatocytes and Enterocytes in Albino Rats: Ultrastructural Study. Khwaldeh, Alia; Shraideh, Ziad; Badran, Darwish; Alzbeede, Ahmed; Farajallah, Mohammad; Qattan, Duaa Report Mar 1, 2021 3703
Prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome among Medical Students of Puerto Rico. Ramirez-Amill, Reinaldo; Torres, Esther A. Mar 1, 2021 5661
Turkiye'de Yapilan Tez Calismalarinda Sigara Iciminin Uyku Kalitesi Uzerine Etkisinin Degerlendirilmesi: Meta-analiz/A Meta-analysis of Turkish Research About the Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Sleep Quality. Baspinar, Melike Mercan Report Mar 1, 2021 4298
Anti-smoking drive. Hamza Azhar - Multan Feb 26, 2021 342
Tobacco consumption. Areeba Aslam - Hasilpur Feb 25, 2021 177
Smoke-free environment expansion pushed to help fight vs Covid-19. Feb 25, 2021 856
Prevalence of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Relation to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Faisalabad District. Rida Younas, Tamseela Mumtaz, Nabeela Roohi and Muhammad Amir Iqbal Feb 24, 2021 3594
Short Communication - Clinical Study on Ulinastatin Combined with Ambroxol in the Treatment of AECOPD Complicated with Type II Respiratory Failure. Li, Xia; Zhan, Xueliang; Shi, Xinjie Clinical report Feb 24, 2021 2042
Smoking ban extended to include hospital grounds ". JOHN COOPER Reporter Feb 18, 2021 538
No smoking outside hospitals, in play areas or school grounds. JOHN COOPER Reporter Feb 18, 2021 477
STUB IT OUT; Wales to ban smoking outside hospitals and educational buildings. JOHN COOPER Feb 18, 2021 471
Wales set to introduce tougher laws on smoke-free spaces. Feb 15, 2021 515
Protect your heart for life; Healthy YOU This Valentine's Day, take a look at the lifestyle habits that will keep you ticking along whatever your age. With AMY PACKER Feb 14, 2021 894
Protect your heart for life; 2021 . HeSUNDaAY PEOlPLE t FEBhRUARY 1y4, you Healthy With AMY PACKER This Valentine's Day, take a look at the lifestyle habits that will keep you ticking along whatever your age. Feb 14, 2021 894
Protect your heart for life; LIVE WELL time to This Valentine's Day, take a look at the lifestyle habits that will keep you ticking along whatever your age. With AMY PACKER Feb 14, 2021 887
Protect your heart for life; time to LIVE WELL This Valentine's Day, take a look at the lifestyle habits that will keep you ticking along whatever your age. With AMY PACKER Feb 14, 2021 887
Did you know? Feb 10, 2021 177
'Nigeria Records 28, 876 Tobacco Smoking Related Deaths Annually'. Feb 9, 2021 651
Govt asked to increase duties on tobacco products. Feb 9, 2021 536, Kashmir Committee partner to host 'Cycling Sunday' to show solidarity with Kashmiris. Feb 9, 2021 226
Nigeria records 28, 876 tobacco smoking related deaths annually, says new Research. Feb 8, 2021 631
Smokers in Taiwan advised to keep social distancing during Lunar New Year. Feb 8, 2021 235
HMC warns against tobacco smoking to prevent cancer. Feb 8, 2021 446
HMC's Tobacco Control Center participates in WHO meeting to ban shisha use in public places. Feb 7, 2021 256
HMC Tobacco Control Centre warns of Cancer due to Tobacco Smoking. Feb 7, 2021 402
HMC Tobacco Control Centre warns of Cancer due to Tobacco Smoking. Feb 7, 2021 381
World Cancer Day: Lifestyle tips to avoid the Big C. Feb 4, 2021 480
Tortured Aetas seek SC help against anti-terror law. Feb 2, 2021 455
Young caregivers show mental stress. Barna, Mark Feb 1, 2021 224
Call for amending tobacco control law to ensure public health safety. Jan 21, 2021 675
Choked-up Milan takes smoking ban outside. Jan 20, 2021 555
Tobacco burden in Pakistan. Khalil Dogar Jan 16, 2021 760
Addiction and status. Jan 13, 2021 184
Objections to hotel's dining plans. Jan 13, 2021 183
Opposition to hotel rooftop extension bid. JAMES WYLLIE Jan 12, 2021 431
Predicted Heart Age Among Cancer Survivors--United States, 2013-2017. Scott, Lia C.; Yang, Quanhe; Dowling, Nicole F.; Richardson, Lisa C. Jan 8, 2021 5001 continues Cycling Sunday to promote eco-friendly activities. Jan 5, 2021 218
Health minister assures of amending tobacco control law. Jan 4, 2021 405
Increase in smoke-free areas in eight weeks' time. Jan 4, 2021 346
Scots smoking ban PR offensive launched as opposition stiffened; A national public relations offensive to get "as many voices as possible" behind Scotland's groundbreaking smoking ban was mobilised as growing opposition was relayed to ministers, it has emerged. Scott Macnab Jan 1, 2021 607
Disparity and compatibility, familiarity and perception among waterpipe tobacco smokers (Shisha) in Malaysia: A comparative study. Elkalmi, Ramadan Mohamed; Elnaem, Mohamed Hassan; Elsayed, Tarek Mohamed; Salawi, Abdulelah Ahmad; A Report Jan 1, 2021 6887
E-cigarette use tied to increased COPD, asthma risk. Brunk, Doug Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 659
ASSOCIATION BETWEEN PERIODONTITIS AND GESTATIONAL DIABETES MELLITUS. Muhammad Sharjeel, Khurram Ataullah, Zubair Ahmed Khan and Myra Ahmed Dec 31, 2020 2554
Town centre area designated smokeless zone. Dec 30, 2020 301
THR efforts level up in the Philippines in 2020. Dec 29, 2020 1116
Experts Highlight Damaging Implications Of Cigarette Smoking. Dec 17, 2020 628
Concussion in sport: Rugby and football must prioritise player safety - Scotsman comment; Humans have a tendency to believe that the way things have always been done is perfectly fine. Scotsman comment Dec 9, 2020 359
FIVE YEARS AGO. Dec 9, 2020 181
Remember a night out at the club; NOSTALGIA DAVE MORTON recalls the people and places of the North East EMAIL: TELEPHONE: 0191 2016437 WRITE TO: Dave Morton, Nostalgia Editor, ncjMedia, Eldon Court, Percy Street, Newcastle, NE1 7JB. @DaveSMorton Newcastle Chronicle - History Photosales - 0191 201 6000. DAVE MORTON Dec 9, 2020 499 partners with Urban Innovation, ICTA. Dec 6, 2020 163
Health Levy Bill New source for increasing govt revenues. Dec 5, 2020 349
OP-ED: A public health menace. Dec 4, 2020 942
Fat chance of a long life if you're obese - it's time for a class war on bad food. Alex Bell Dec 3, 2020 889
How and Why to Use Selenium. Dec 1, 2020 863
State policies limiting premium surcharges for tobacco and their impact on health insurance enrollment. Kaplan, Cameron M.; Kaplan, Erin K. Dec 1, 2020 7274
The effect of smoking on cognition as measured by Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CATNAB) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor plasma levels. Mshari, Arwa Ali S. Al-; AlSheikh, Mona H.; Latif, Rabia; Mumtaz, Sadaf Report Dec 1, 2020 4201
E-Cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury: A Review for Pathologists. Cecchini, Matthew J.; Mukhopadhyay, Sanjay; Arrossi, Andrea V.; Beasley, Mary B.; Butt, Yasmeen M.; Dec 1, 2020 7236
Effect of Kele Honey (Trigona sp) in Malondyaldehide and Superoxide Dismutase Serum and Hepatic Tissue of White Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Exposed to Cigarettes Smoke. Dwi-Primayanti, I.Dewa Ayu Inten; Purnawati, Susy; Sukanata, Wayan Report Dec 1, 2020 3874
How Smoking Worsens C0VID-19 Infection In The Airways. Nov 30, 2020 250
Big Tobacco wants African nations to do its bidding. Nov 30, 2020 716
Prevalence and Trends in Cigarette Smoking Among Adults with Epilepsy--United States, 2010-2017. Sapkota, Sanjeeb; Kobau, Rosemarie; Croft, Janet B.; King, Brian A.; Thomas, Craig; Zack, Matthew M. Nov 27, 2020 3584
It's closing time for the nation's pubs and bars -- perhaps for good. Rachel Cunliffe Nov 27, 2020 1125
Total smoking ban in condominiums in Thailand urged by majority of residents, according to Tobacco Research Center findings. Nov 27, 2020 361
Researchers cure COPD in mice exposed to smoke. Nov 23, 2020 728
PMFTC Inc. vows to take the smoke out of smoking. Nov 22, 2020 1100
Tobacco Product Use Among Adults--United States, 2019. Cornelius, Monica E.; Wang, Teresa W.; Jamal, Ahmed; Loretan, Caitlin G.; Neff, Linda J. Nov 20, 2020 7695
TDC arranges awareness walk on World Diabetes Day. Nov 15, 2020 337
Why banning Vaping will be unwise. Nov 13, 2020 763
Turkey's Interior Ministry bans smoking in public areas from 12 November amid surge of COVID-19 patients. Nov 12, 2020 275
Chinese anti-counterfeiting tech helps Pak combat illicit trade. Nov 11, 2020 214
Turkey bans smoking in public areas amid surge of Covid-19 patients. Reuters News Service Nov 11, 2020 300
China's anti-counterfeiting technology helps Pakistan combat illicit trade, protect brand. Nov 10, 2020 426
Smokers vulnerable to COVID-19. Nov 8, 2020 252
Lesley Manville flexes new muscles in thriller 'Let Him Go'. LINDSEY BAHR AP Film Writer Nov 7, 2020 858
UPLB researchers find indigenous fruits rich in antioxidants. Nov 7, 2020 560
In 123 countries, girls are more likely to use tobacco than women: WHO. Nov 6, 2020 319
BAT claims glo lowers smokers' exposure to toxicants. Nov 5, 2020 632
Manville flexes new muscles in 'Let Him Go'. LINDSEY BAHR AP Film Writer Nov 5, 2020 762
Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Pulmonary Disease from Mycobacterium hassiacum, Austria. Salzer, Helmut J.F.; Chitechi, Bakari; Hillemann, Doris; Mandl, Michael; Paar, Christian; Mitterhume Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 1471
THE PATIENT: 67-year-old man. Stewart, Haley; Schafer, Katherine Montag; Brown, Kathryn Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 1243
Expert wants increased tobacco tax to save lives. Oct 24, 2020 492
Application launched to report tobacco control violations. Oct 23, 2020 313
Tobacco and cancer. Prof Javaid Khan - Karachi Oct 15, 2020 257
Hotel of the week; dixonN HAMOTELE AN, tDo PwLAerC Eb rOiFd gHeO, TELlondon. JENNY GREEN Oct 4, 2020 384
Hotel of the week; DIXONN HAMOTELE AN, tDo PwLAerC Eb rOiFd gHeO, TELlondon By JENNY GREEN. Oct 4, 2020 381
Hotel of the week. Oct 4, 2020 393
A survey of smoking habits among university students and its susceptibility among various diseases. Yaseen, Muhammad Osama; Saif, Arifa; Khan, Tahir Mehmood; Suleiman, Amal K. Report Oct 1, 2020 7469
Respiratory illness linked with the use of electronic cigarettes: An alarming situation. Malik, Fahreen; Ahmed, Jawad; Qureshi, Suha Sa; Ochani, Rohan Kumar Letter to the editor Sep 30, 2020 709
Ban on sideline smoking at kids' football matches. katie sands Reporter Sep 29, 2020 684
Smoking on sidelines at children's football to be banned. KATIE SANDS Reporter Sep 29, 2020 480
Experts for adopting healthy lifestyle to avoid heart diseases. Sep 29, 2020 405
Smoking banned on sidelines at kids games. Sep 29, 2020 313
Stricter security, imposition of health protocols in bus stations ordered. Sep 29, 2020 249
Police told to enforce smoking ban due to added pandemic risk. Sep 24, 2020 429
High Rate Of Tobacco-Related Deaths Worries CISLAC. Sep 23, 2020 611
'Govt willing to work with tobacco control advocates for sustainable policy'. Sep 23, 2020 510
Govt keen for comprehensive tobacco control policies: Nausheen. Sep 23, 2020 307
We've invested $7.2bn to end cigarette smoking by 2035, says Philip Morris. Sep 20, 2020 239
We need better education on vaping; the saturday essay. Thomson, Dan Essay Sep 19, 2020 530
Give farmers tobacco alternatives, state urged. Sep 19, 2020 566
We've invested $7.2bn to end cigarette smoking by 2035, says Philip Morris. Sep 19, 2020 634
Activists urge govt to increase tax on tobacco products. Sep 15, 2020 716
Tobacco consumption highest in low income households: study. Sep 13, 2020 628
Morrison touts need for better education on e-cigarettes. Rebecca Anzel Capitol News Illinois Sep 10, 2020 484
American Lung Association announces anti-vaping push State lawmaker touts need for better education on e-cigarettes. REBECCA ANZEL Capitol News Illinois Sep 8, 2020 451
Philip Morris urges PH to adopt US FDA finding. Sep 7, 2020 390
Smoking, vaping and second-hand smoke may increase Covid-19 risk, studies warn; The most recent study, led by scientists from Australia's University of Technology Sydney, indicates that smoking may increase the genetic contribution to Covid-19 infections. By, Shivali Best Sep 7, 2020 323
Our history is everywhere and we're making it. MY SHOUT David Charters the bard of birkenhead Sep 7, 2020 400
Greens MP wants to extend smoking ban to some outdoor areas. Nick Theodoulou Sep 4, 2020 433
American Lung Association announces anti-vaping push. REBECCA ANZEL Capitol News Illinois Sep 3, 2020 443
The Effects of Risk Behaviors and Orthorexic Behavior on Glycemic Control in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Tas, Demet; Mengen, Eda; Kocaay, Pinar; Ucakturk, Seyit Ahmet Sep 1, 2020 5567
Machine Learning-Based DNA Methylation Score for Fetal Exposure to Maternal Smoking: Development and Validation in Samples Collected from Adolescents and Adults. Rauschert, Sebastian; Melton, Phillip E.; Heiskala, Anni; Karhunen, Ville; Burdge, Graham; Craig, Je Sep 1, 2020 11870
Primary bladder angiosarcoma synchronous with prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma in an 82-year-old male. Paranici, Catalina; Achim, Sanda; Enache, Valentin; Bara, Marina Sep 1, 2020 1693
High-Sensitive C-reactive Protein and Atherogenic Lipid Levels in a Group of University Students with Habitual Smoking. Elfadil, Ghada A.; Elfaki, Elyasa M.; Madani, Sulafa O.; Abdalhabib, Ezeldine K.; Elmugadam, Abdelga Report Sep 1, 2020 2913
Effect of Tobacco Smoke Exposure on Functional Capacity, Respiratory Muscle Strength, and Physical Activity Level in Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: A Preliminary Study. Kahraman, Buse Ozcan; Tanriverdi, Aylin; Ozsoy, Ismail; Acar, Serap; Sevinc, Can; Ozpelit, Ebru; Akd Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 3896
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Low Birth Weight among Term Newborns in Dilla Town, Southern Ethiopia. Mehare, Tsegaye; Sharew, Yewbmirt Aug 31, 2020 5270
Food Insecurity among People Living with HIV/AIDS on ART Follower at Public Hospitals of Western Ethiopia. Oluma, Adugna; Abadiga, Muktar; Mosisa, Getu; Etafa, Werku; Fekadu, Ginenus Aug 31, 2020 6587
Prevalence of Hypertension and Associated Factors among the Outpatient Department in Akaki Kality Subcity Health Centers, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Haye, Tadesse Bedada; Agama, Berhanu Tolera Aug 31, 2020 5110
Quality of Life and Associated Factors among Patients with Schizophrenia Attending Follow-Up Treatment at Jimma Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Desalegn, Defaru; Girma, Shimelis; Tessema, Worknesh; Yeshigeta, Eyerusalem; Kebeta, Teshome Report Aug 31, 2020 4702
Associations between Phase Angle Values Obtained by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in an Overweight Population. Chen, Guangya; Lv, Yi; Ni, Wei; Shi, Qingxin; Xiang, Xingliang; Li, Sen; Song, Chengwu; Xiao, Mingzh Aug 31, 2020 5656
Internet Addiction, Oral Health Practices, Clinical Outcomes, and Self-Perceived Oral Health in Young Saudi Adults. Al-Ansari, Asim; Tantawi, Maha El; AlMadan, Nasser; Nazir, Muhammad; Gaffar, Balgis; Al-Khalifa, Kha Aug 31, 2020 5568
A 10-Year Risk of Cardiovascular Disease among Patients with Severe Mental Illness at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, Southwestern Uganda. Agaba, David Collins; Migisha, Richard; Lugobe, Henry Mark; Katamba, Godfrey; Ashaba, Scholastic Report Aug 31, 2020 3746
The Effects of Age, Cigarette Smoking, Sex, and Race on the Qualitative Characteristics of Lung Transcriptome. Guan, Qingzhou; Zhang, Juan; Guo, You; Xia, Jie; Zhang, Jiahui; Xie, Jiajing; Cai, Hao; Yan, Haidan; Report Aug 31, 2020 4549
Effects of Cigarette Smoke Condensate on Growth and Biofilm Formation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Cholo, Moloko C.; Rasehlo, Sipho S.M.; Venter, Eudri; Venter, Chantelle; Anderson, Ronald Report Aug 31, 2020 4809
Awareness and Perceptions on Health Warning Labels on Cigarette Packs among Smokers: A Cross-Sectional Study. Hnin, Thet Thet; Shein, Nang Naing Naing; Aye, San Kyu Kyu Report Aug 31, 2020 5391
Can you get virus via cigarette smoke? The Washington Post Aug 31, 2020 581
Hotel of the week. JENNY GREEN Aug 30, 2020 383
Hotel of the week. Aug 30, 2020 381
Hotel of the week; time to SMUULS SUNDAY 30.08.2020 SUNDAY EXPLORE For holidays in the new normal... BY JENNY GREEN THE DIXON, TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON. Aug 30, 2020 381
Smoking ups risk of developing second cancer. Aug 26, 2020 217
Smoking ban to be expanded to all public places. Aug 24, 2020 173
Inhaling their owners' second-hand smoke just as dangerous for pets; vet 's corner. WITH MARTIN PATERSON, OF DONALDSON'S VETS Aug 20, 2020 480
Brit tourists in Costa Del Sol face huge fines after smoking ban; Spain has introduced a nationwide smoking ban in a bid to reduce the surging rates of coronavirus, leading to holidaymakers facing tough penalties if they flout the rules. By, Natalia Penza & Rosaleen Fenton Aug 18, 2020 449
Spain introduces nationwide smoking ban after rise in coronavirus cases; The health minister announced smoking in the street is now banned unless social distancing is possible as officials stepped up restrictions following more cases. By, Rita Sobot & Rosaleen Fenton Aug 17, 2020 753
All 42 DAP MPs voice support for petition to lower face mask fine to RM250. Aug 15, 2020 489
DOLE rejects smoking ban to curb virus. Aug 14, 2020 209
Citing viral video of distressed teen, Opposition MPs urge govt to reduce face mask penalty. Aug 13, 2020 469
Heavy smoking linked to increased health risks. Aug 13, 2020 463
Benefits of no smoking in prisons; Uni study finds policy works. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Aug 12, 2020 412
CISLAC Wants FG To Raise Taxes On Tobacco Products. Aug 12, 2020 523
PHCC reiterates dangers of smoking during Covid-19 pandemic. Aug 8, 2020 693
PHCC warning on smoking hazards during pandemic. Aug 6, 2020 664
Smoking ban for temporary outdoor food and drink spots. Aug 6, 2020 321
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Aug 6, 2020 471
Crackdown sees 6m illegal cigs taken off streets; combined public health initiative is shortlisted for achievement award. JOHN GREENWOOD @examiner Aug 4, 2020 297
VAPE NATION A rising; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Aug 3, 2020 471
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Aug 3, 2020 471
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Aug 1, 2020 471
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Aug 1, 2020 471
Equating Mask-Wearing Rules to Smoking Bans. Aug 1, 2020 471
Tobacco and COVID-19. Sonmez, Ozlem; Tasdemir, Zeynep Atam; Kara, H. Volkan; Akcay, Sule Aug 1, 2020 2598
Xiaoqinglong Decoction Protects the Lungs of AECOPD Mice through the AMPK/mTOR Signaling Pathway. Huang, Qingsong; Yang, Hongjing; Zhang, Chuantao; Wu, Jianying; Xiao, Wei; Zeng, Zhu Jul 31, 2020 5117
Dysmenorrhea and Associated Factors among Polish Women: A Cross-Sectional Study. Barcikowska, Zofia; Wojcik-Bilkiewicz, Karolina; Sobierajska-Rek, Agnieszka; Grzybowska, Magdalena E Jul 31, 2020 6569
Determinants of Tobacco Smoking Addiction in Rural Indonesian Communities. Swatan, Jovian Philip; Sulistiawati, Sulistiawati; Karimah, Azimatul Jul 31, 2020 3256
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Jul 31, 2020 461
A new way of thinking. Jul 31, 2020 1074
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Jul 31, 2020 461
VAPE NATION; A rising number of people are turning to e-cigarettes. ANNIE GOUK Jul 30, 2020 477
Fed up with cigarette smoke, Singapore man throws eggs into neighbour's flat, punches him. Jul 23, 2020 754
Outdoor smoking ban would hit hard; LETTERS. Jul 23, 2020 151
Is it time that smoking outside pubs and cafes be banned? Pubs worry that cracking down on smokers could push away another portion of their customer base; Pubs worry that cracking down on smokers could push away another portion of their customer base. By, Daniel Smith Jul 23, 2020 742
How is criminalisation of skin bleaching to be interpreted? Jul 23, 2020 280
Smoking ban just opportunistic, say campaign group. Jul 22, 2020 227
Ban smoking outside pubs to create space. Jul 18, 2020 169

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