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Smokers who quit are happier with their lot; Stress and anxiety fall significantly among those who kick the habit. JOHN CORSER Mar 15, 2021 301
Smokers who quit are happier with their lot; Stress and anxiety fall significantly among those who kick the habit. JOHN CORSER Mar 15, 2021 301
Will new ban save next generation of smokers? A new law is coming into force in Wales today making it illegal to smoke in the grounds of schools and hospitals and in children's playgrounds. Here Suzanne Cass, CEO of Ash Wales, explains the important legislation in more detail... Mar 1, 2021 725
Smokers in Taiwan advised to keep social distancing during Lunar New Year. Feb 8, 2021 235
Smokers facing difficulties when trying to give up. Feb 1, 2021 274
300% surge in smokers wanting to quit. Jan 25, 2021 169
Smoking heightens COVID-19 risk: Study. Arab News Jan 7, 2021 392
Covid-19 is spurring smokers to try quitting. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Jan 4, 2021 725
Disparity and compatibility, familiarity and perception among waterpipe tobacco smokers (Shisha) in Malaysia: A comparative study. Elkalmi, Ramadan Mohamed; Elnaem, Mohamed Hassan; Elsayed, Tarek Mohamed; Salawi, Abdulelah Ahmad; A Report Jan 1, 2021 6887
STOP NOW; Smokers urged to make head-start on quitting with even tougher restrictions to launch in March. LYDIA MORRIS Daily Post Reporter Jan 1, 2021 398
'Casual' smokers may also have nicotine addiction. Dec 27, 2020 288
'Casual' smokers may also have nicotine addiction. Dec 25, 2020 378
Smokers more at risk of getting coronavirus. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Dec 21, 2020 533
State policies limiting premium surcharges for tobacco and their impact on health insurance enrollment. Kaplan, Cameron M.; Kaplan, Erin K. Dec 1, 2020 7274
The effect of smoking on cognition as measured by Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CATNAB) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor plasma levels. Mshari, Arwa Ali S. Al-; AlSheikh, Mona H.; Latif, Rabia; Mumtaz, Sadaf Report Dec 1, 2020 4201
Only 9 users of safer nicotine products for every 100 smokers - report. Nov 12, 2020 814
BAT claims glo lowers smokers' exposure to toxicants. Nov 5, 2020 632
Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis X Incidentally Diagnosed in a Non-Smoker Because Of Simultaneous Bilateral Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Ozsoy, Ibrahim Ethem; Tezcan, Mehmet Akif Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 1116
Figures reveal vaping numbers are in decline across region. Oct 15, 2020 270
Figures reveal vaping numbers are falling. Oct 15, 2020 271
PMFTC undertakes transformation to bring smoke-free products to Filipino smokers. Oct 6, 2020 809
A survey of smoking habits among university students and its susceptibility among various diseases. Yaseen, Muhammad Osama; Saif, Arifa; Khan, Tahir Mehmood; Suleiman, Amal K. Report Oct 1, 2020 7469
Smokers earning less, says study. Sep 26, 2020 165
Smokers earning less, says study. Sep 26, 2020 165
Social smokers twice as likely to die of lung illness. DAVID BANNER Sep 4, 2020 415
Social smokers twice as likely to die of lung disease than those who don't. Sep 4, 2020 163
Effect of Tobacco Smoke Exposure on Functional Capacity, Respiratory Muscle Strength, and Physical Activity Level in Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: A Preliminary Study. Kahraman, Buse Ozcan; Tanriverdi, Aylin; Ozsoy, Ismail; Acar, Serap; Sevinc, Can; Ozpelit, Ebru; Akd Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 3896
High-Sensitive C-reactive Protein and Atherogenic Lipid Levels in a Group of University Students with Habitual Smoking. Elfadil, Ghada A.; Elfaki, Elyasa M.; Madani, Sulafa O.; Abdalhabib, Ezeldine K.; Elmugadam, Abdelga Report Sep 1, 2020 2913
The Development Study of Smoking Stroop Test on a Turkish Sample. Kisacik, Esra; Cakir, Zehra Report Sep 1, 2020 6045
Smoking Intensity and Associated Factors among Male Smokers in Ethiopia: Further Analysis of 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey. Handebo, Simegnew; Birara, Setognal; Kassie, Ayenew; Nigusie, Adane; Aleminew, Wallelign Report Aug 31, 2020 4451
Awareness and Perceptions on Health Warning Labels on Cigarette Packs among Smokers: A Cross-Sectional Study. Hnin, Thet Thet; Shein, Nang Naing Naing; Aye, San Kyu Kyu Report Aug 31, 2020 5391
Extracorporeal Shock Waves Increase Markers of Cellular Proliferation in Bronchial Epithelium and in Primary Bronchial Fibroblasts of COPD Patients. Di Stefano, Antonino; Frairia, Roberto; Ricciardolo, Fabio L.M.; Gnemmi, Isabella; Gammazza, Antonel Aug 31, 2020 7005
Heavy smoking linked to increased health risks. Aug 13, 2020 463
Nicotine dependence, socioeconomic status, lifestyle behaviours and lifetime quit attempts among adult smokers in South Africa. Ayo-Yusuf, O.A.; Omole, O.B. Aug 1, 2020 5446
Effects of Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking on the Spirometric Profile of University Students in Palestine: A Cross-Sectional Study. Nazzal, Zaher; Odeh, Deema; Haddad, Fatima Azahraa; Berawi, Mohammad; Rahhal, Belal; Yamin, Hasan Jul 31, 2020 4412
The Impact of Coexistence of Smoking and Diabetes on the Coronary Artery Severity and Outcomes following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Results from the 1ST Jordanian PCI Registry. Jarrah, Mohamad I.; Khatib, Said Al-; Khader, Yousef; AlKharabsheh, Hanin N.; Hammoudeh, Ayman; Alzo Jul 31, 2020 5318
Is it time that smoking outside pubs and cafes be banned? Pubs worry that cracking down on smokers could push away another portion of their customer base; Pubs worry that cracking down on smokers could push away another portion of their customer base. By, Daniel Smith Jul 23, 2020 742
'It's unrealistic to ban outdoor smoking - pub trade will suffer' The Welsh Government announced this week that it wants to push through measures to ban smoking outside pubs and restaurants. Lucy John and Ryan O'Neill spoke to punters and bar owners about their views. Jul 16, 2020 771
More than a million smokers have kicked the habit since coronavirus emerged, study claims; Action on Smoking and Health has estimated that 1,036,000 smokers and recent ex-smokers had quit since the start of pandemic. By, Ella Pickover, PA & Brett Gibbons Jul 15, 2020 307
Effect of deep breathing exercises in healthy smokers: A pilot study. Awan, Waqar Ahmed; Abid, Noor; Rao, Anees Rafiq; Babar, Muhammad Naveed; Ansari, Misha Report Jul 14, 2020 3399
Former smokers using e-cigarettes at risk for relapse. Brunk, Doug Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 372
Smokers not more susceptible to COVID-19 infection: Researchers. Shaimaa Al-Aees Jun 30, 2020 1262
Validity of a Functional Assessment for Smoking Treatment Recommendations Questionnaire. Burrows, Connor; Dallery, Jesse; Kim, Sunny Jung; Raiff, Bethany R. Jun 1, 2020 8807
Efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid Gel as an Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment in Smokers with Periodontitis: A Retrospective Case Control Study. Ozener, Hafize Ozturk; Agrali, Omer Birkan; Yildirim, Hatice Selin Jun 1, 2020 4262
In World No Tobacco Day address, Dr Noor Hisham says 17pc of those who died of Covid-19 in Malaysia were smokers. May 31, 2020 478
Fatality risk high for smokers infected with Covid-19. May 30, 2020 326
No Tobacco Day: UAE ministry warns smokers about Covid-19 risks. Staff Report May 30, 2020 394
Coronavirus UAE: World No Tobacco Day even more pertinent during COVID-19. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter May 30, 2020 538
Coronavirus: Tobacco, shisha use raises risk of Covid-19, may turn fatal. Ashwani Kumar May 30, 2020 983
Harris signs ban on menthol cigarettes; Minister urges smokers to quit. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Correspondent May 20, 2020 304
Menthol cigarette and flavoured tobacco ban -the May 2020 law changes smokers and shops need to know; Laws around selling menthol cigarettes and flavoured tobacco came into effect today. By, Simon Meechan May 20, 2020 316
Lack of awareness hinders smokers from quitting. May 14, 2020 388
Covid-19 still more likely to kill smokers, experts insist. May 14, 2020 590
WHO dismisses claims that 'smoking reduces risk of COVID-19' and urges smokers to quit; The World Health Organisation has dismissed claims that 'smoking reduces the risk of COVID', and has urged smokers to quit amid the worldwide pandemic. By, Shivali Best May 12, 2020 433
MMDA echoes DOH's call for smokers to quit to prevent COVID-19 infection. May 12, 2020 255
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 11, 2020 645
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 8, 2020 611
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 8, 2020 611
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 7, 2020 611
For Survival: Quit or Get Help To Quit Smoking. May 6, 2020 849
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 6, 2020 611
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 6, 2020 611
Closing the SMOKING GAP; Smokers are being urged to quit due to increased risk from coronavirus. ANNIE GOUK May 6, 2020 611
Heavy smokers miss cancer screenings. Barna, Mark May 1, 2020 191
Nicotine fix: Social media peeved By: WHO's anti-smoking campaign. Apr 27, 2020 914
Smoking 'may lower your risk of coronavirus', controversial study claims; A controversial new study by researchers in Paris suggests that a substance in tobacco may stop smokers from catching COVID-19. By, Shivali Best Apr 23, 2020 399
Double trouble: Smoking and COVID-19. Rima Nakkash Apr 17, 2020 1610
Smoking increases risk of coronavirus death, says WHO. Apr 7, 2020 699
Duque tells smokers, vapers: Quit now, you're at risk from Covid-19. Apr 3, 2020 389
'Time to stop' -message as smokers twice as likely to die from coronavirus; Smokers are also twice as likely to end up in intensive care as a result of Covid-19. By, Charlotte Green Apr 2, 2020 504
Smokers risk fatal complications from COVID-19, environmental group warns. Apr 1, 2020 642
Prevalence of Caffeine Intake among Cigarette Smokers: Directing Caffeine Use Disorder among Pakistani Population. Maryam Khan and Naeem Aslam Mar 31, 2020 4706
Coronavirus: Are smokers at higher risk of Covid-19 infection? Saman Haziq Mar 28, 2020 629
Smokers more likely to contract coronavirus, caution health experts. Zubair Qureshi Mar 19, 2020 364
'Smokers more vulnerable to COVID-19'. Mar 18, 2020 318
Smokers are more prone to Coronavirus: Azhar Saleem. Mar 18, 2020 333
Increased risk of COVID - 19 infection amongst smokers and waterpipe users - WHO- FCTC. Mar 18, 2020 694
Smokers are told it's time to quit. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Mar 13, 2020 427
Enforcers gave 80% of penalties to smokers. Mar 5, 2020 303
'False fears' about vaping stopping smokers using e-cigs. Mar 4, 2020 481
Cooking with Cold Smoke: Take your culinary know-how to a new level with this DIY smoker. Levin, Jake Mar 1, 2020 1390
MIP-T3 Expression Associated with Defects of Ciliogenesis in Airway of COPD Patients. Wang, Wen-Jun; Yang, Shi-Fang; Gao, Zhi-Rui; Luo, Ze-Ru; Liu, Yuan-Ling; Gao, Xing-Lin Mar 1, 2020 3371
Vitamin E acetate found in more vapers' lung fluid. Splete, Heidi Mar 1, 2020 573
An Experimental Study on Topical Application of 2% Lignocaine Jelly for Preventing Coughing and Sore Throat Post Extubation in Elective Surgeries in Smokers vs. Non-Smokers. Padhi, Shilpi; Bhat, Sonal Report Mar 1, 2020 4273
Trying to avoid smoking, Duterte vaping ban puts quitters with smokers. Feb 28, 2020 741
Smokers told: Switch to e-cigs or heated tobacco products. Feb 5, 2020 785
KT For Good: Shisha isn't safer than cigarettes, actually it's more dangerous. Dhanusha Gokulan Jan 30, 2020 625
KT for good: How UAE makes smokers go from '25 sticks to zero'. Anjana Sankar Jan 26, 2020 834
Nearly Half of U.S. Smokers Not Advised by Doctors to Quit; Surgeon General says too many people are not getting access to cessation treatments that work. Jan 24, 2020 205
How Truth Became a Casualty of the War on Smoking. Sullum, Jacob Jan 24, 2020 1389
Non smokers could get extra time off work to make up for cigarette breaks; One firm is offering employees four extra days off. Sophie McCoid Jan 20, 2020 361
Sharks v piranhas: poor choice for smokers? Jan 18, 2020 382
Tributes to non-smoking mum-of-three, 45, killed by lung cancer on Christmas Day; Sam Platts has vowed to tackle the belief that lung cancer only affects smokers following the death of his 45-year-old wife Debbie on the morning of December 25. By, Nick Dawson & Lorraine King Jan 14, 2020 798
Percentage of smokers trying to give up has fallen by 8%. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jan 9, 2020 130
Percentage of smokers trying to give up has fallen by 8%. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jan 9, 2020 158
276 smokers issued compounds for lighting up at eateries in Johor. Jan 7, 2020 375
Lifelong pain of smokers is a real drag. STEPHEN WHITE Jan 2, 2020 113
Association of Tobacco Smoking with Physical Fitness of Military Males in Taiwan: The CHIEF Study. Su, Fang-Ying; Wang, Sheng-Huei; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Lin, Gen-Min Jan 1, 2020 5473
With two days to full ban, Kuching council looks for smokers' corner. Dec 30, 2019 285
Fears fewer smokers could quit as 'vital' New Year campaign axed in Government cuts; British Lung Foundation say the cut "undermines the Government's aim to make England smoke-free by 2030". Nicole Morley Dec 27, 2019 345
Smokers checked. Dec 6, 2019 108
Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Exon III VNTR Variant Influences Smoking Status in Turkish Population. Uysal, Mehmet Atilla; Sever, Ulgen; Nursal, Ayse Feyda; Pehlivan, Sacide Dec 1, 2019 3940
DOH reminds smokers of alternate ways to quit. Nov 22, 2019 878
Global Electric Grills Market, Forecast to 2027 - Electric Smokers Will Continue to Dominate Throughout the Forecast Period. Nov 21, 2019 860
'Smokers switching to vaping can boost their vascular health' Research: Study discovers improvements after just four weeks. JEMMA CREW Nov 16, 2019 426
Long-term smokers who switch over to vaping better off in 30 days. Nov 16, 2019 381
Smokers who switch to vaping rapidly boost heart health in trial. Reuters News Service Nov 15, 2019 495
Smokers more prone to type 2 diabetes, says HMC expert. Nov 14, 2019 339
Heed UN body, raise smoking age to 21, docs urge gov't. Nov 9, 2019 817
Biomarkers of metabolic syndrome in male cigarette smokers in Calabar, Southern Nigeria. Akpan, Uwem Okon; Bassey, Iya Eze Nov 1, 2019 5682
Association between Smoking and Liver Fibrosis among Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Ou, Hongjie; Fu, Yaojie; Liao, Wei; Zheng, Caixia; Wu, Xiaolu Oct 31, 2019 4182
THE VAPERS WHO'VE NEVER SMOKED; There are now 200,000 vapers who were never smokers, making up an increasing proportion of e-cigarette users. DEBORA ARU Oct 23, 2019 458
THE VAPERS WHO'VE NEVER SMOKED; There are now 200,000 vapers who were never smokers, making up an increasing proportion of e-cigarette users. DEBORA ARU Oct 23, 2019 470
THE VAPERS WHO'VE NEVER SMOKED; There are now 200,000 vapers who were never smokers, making up an increasing proportion of e-cigarette users. DEBORA ARU Oct 23, 2019 459
THE VAPERS WHO'VE NEVER SMOKED; There are now 200,000 vapers who were never smokers, making up an increasing proportion of e-cigarette users. DEBORA ARU Oct 23, 2019 459
Use of E-Cigarettes in U.K. Tied to Quit Rates Among Smokers; Researchers estimate 50,000+ smokers in U.K. used e-cigs as part of successful quit attempt in 2017. Oct 18, 2019 301
Tobacco giant backs puffing regulation, but wants heat sticks split from ciggies. Oct 15, 2019 521
'Countries with high smoker population should support harm reduction'. Oct 4, 2019 438
'Break up' with bad habit in Stoptober; Smokers urged to quit and improve health, plus their finances. Report by Lisa O'Brien Oct 3, 2019 342
Carries Same Heart Risks as Everyday Habit. Oct 1, 2019 308
Smokers from the Black Community Most At Risk. Oct 1, 2019 345
Molecular identification of oral microflora associated with different health conditions. Alassiri, Mohammed; Abu-Zeid, Mohamed; Mutwakil1, Mohammed H.; Ahmed, Mohamed Morsi M. Oct 1, 2019 4242
Impact of Socio-demographic Factors on Awareness of Smoking Effects on Oral Health among Smokers and Non-smokers Dental Patients Visiting Private Clinics. Asad R., Nadeem M., Christopher M., Ahmed H., Awais F. and Majeed H.A. Sep 30, 2019 3102
E-cig RELX joins PHL market, tells adult smokers to choose 'better' alternatives to cigarette smoking. Sep 23, 2019 782
Borough to be smoker-free by 2027, research reveals; wirral on course to be first in north west to kick habit. Sep 16, 2019 323
Would a Health Warning on Every Cigarette Help Smokers Quit? Sep 10, 2019 338
Firm is helping smokers to switch. Sep 7, 2019 211
Heart damage from smoking lasts longer than believed: New report. Sep 2, 2019 512
Pro-Oxidants and Anti-Oxidant Status in Patients of Psoriasis with Relation to Smoking and Alcoholism. Kute, P.K.; Muddeshwar, M.G.; Sonare, A.R. Aug 26, 2019 2987
A smoker's journey to making the switch. Aug 22, 2019 1641
Depression, Substance Use Increasing in Former Smokers; 2005 to 2016 saw increase in prevalence of major depression; marijuana use increased from 2002 to 2016. Aug 21, 2019 266
Smoking and its Correlation with Inflammatory Markers and Cardiovascular Risks in Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Patients. Shrestha, Shailaza; Sharma, Preeti; Kumar, Pradeep; Prasad, Mahendra Aug 19, 2019 4912
INTERVIEW: Philip Morris International mideast chief on using hi-tech to progress toward a smoke-free future. Aug 18, 2019 1483
Ulcerative Colitis Outcomes Similar for Smokers, Nonsmokers; No significant difference in rates of flares, thiopurine use, hospitalization for persistent smokers, quitters. Aug 9, 2019 250
The e-cigarette effect: Number of smokers in the UK plummet. Aug 8, 2019 724
Smokers in Cheshire West urged to 'park their butt' NOT litter! Those who dispose of their butts appropriately will be rewarded with free pocket ashtray; Those who dispose of their butts appropriately will be rewarded with free pocket ashtray. Aug 3, 2019 520
Smokers in Cheshire West urged to 'park their butt' NOT litter! Those who dispose of their butts appropriately will be rewarded with free pocket ashtray; Those who dispose of their butts appropriately will be rewarded with free pocket ashtray. Aug 3, 2019 520
Former smokers earn more. Karageorge, Eleni X. Aug 1, 2019 327
Effect of Initial Periodontal Treatment on Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Patients with Severe Chronic Periodontitis/Siddetli Kronik Periodontitisli Hastalarda Baslangic Periodontal Tedavinin Kardiyovaskuler Risk Belirtecleri Uzerindeki Etkisi. Hendek, Meltem Karsyaka; Olgun, Ebru; Kisa, Ucler Aug 1, 2019 3738
Multiple Molecular Targets Associated with Genomic Instability in Lung Cancer. Soca-Chafre, Giovanny; Montiel-Davalos, Angelica; De La Rosa-Velazquez, Inti Alberto; Caro-Sanchez, Jul 31, 2019 5383
Smoking numbers halve in 20 years; Two constituencies have highest percentage of smokers in Manchester with 20 per cent. Jul 21, 2019 463
State-Specific Prevalence of Quit Attempts Among Adult Cigarette Smokers--United States, 2011-2017. Walton, Kimp; Wang, Teresa W.; Schauer, Gillian L.; Hu, Sean; McGruder, Henraya F.; Jamal, Ahmed; Ba Jul 19, 2019 6013
Money Motivates Smokers to Quit Long Term, Study Finds. Jul 18, 2019 438
Number of American Smokers Who've Tried to Quit Has Stalled. Jul 18, 2019 541
More smokers are quitting figures show; Cigarettes slowly being stubbed out. Jul 15, 2019 670
PERCEIVED CESSATION TREATMENT EFFECTIVENESS AMONG SOCIALLY DISADVANTAGED LIGHT AND HEAVY SMOKERS. Milcarz, Marek; Kaleta, Dorota; Bak-Romaniszyn, Leokadia; Polanska, Kinga Report Jul 1, 2019 5019
Self-reported syphilis and associated factors among Brazilian young adults: findings from a nationwide survey. Kops, Natalia Luiza; Bessel, Marina; Hohenberger, Glaucia F.; Benzaken, Adele; Wendland, Eliana Jul 1, 2019 2518
Investigating the Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Gingival Diseases. Abualsaud, Nyema Abdullah; Alzahrani, Nada Saleh; Alsahli, Ammar Ayidh Awad; Dahneem, Amal Hassan Al Report Jul 1, 2019 1635
Oral Hygiene Practices and Choice of Oral Hygiene Products among Smokers and Betelleaf Chewers: A Comparative Study. Ahsan Q., Asad R., Dogar F., Omar S.M., Majeed H.A. and Hussain F. Jun 30, 2019 3940
Assessment of Heavy and Toxic Metals in the Blood and Hair of Saudi Arabia Smokers Using Modern Analytical Techniques. Alrobaian, Majed; Arida, Hassan Jun 30, 2019 6999
USPSTF Lung Cancer Screening Too Conservative for Blacks; Lowering smoking pack-year eligibility criteria would up screening eligibility for African American smokers. Jun 27, 2019 253
No mercy for hardcore smokers from Jan 1, says deputy minister. Jun 22, 2019 283
JUUL Labs launches in PHL, offers adult smokers alternative. Jun 21, 2019 311
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Smoking Status--United States, 2017. Wheaton, Anne G.; Liu, Yong; Croft, Janet B.; VanFrank, Brenna; Croxton, Thomas L.; Punturieri, Anto Jun 21, 2019 5403
Male smokers urged to quit or risk low sperm count. Jun 17, 2019 664
VRU vows to arrest smokers in barangay level. Jun 1, 2019 324
The Negative Influence of Cigarette Smoke on Passive Smokers-Deteriorated Pulmonary Function Tests and Increased Urine Cotinine Levels. Yildiz, Yahya; Onscl, Ibrahim Ozgur; Ciftci, Bahadir; Ugurlucan, Murat Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2019 793
BUTT OUT? Supplement sellers cash in on smokers. Schardt, David Jun 1, 2019 502
The obstacles encountered by COPD patients about quitting smoking. Cavusoglu, F.; Beser, A; Kilinc, O. Jun 1, 2019 5650
Assessment of Serum Cotinine and Oxidative Stress Markers in Tobacco Users. Pawar, Vaishali S.; Sontakke, Ajit; Pawar, Anuja A.; Kakade, Satish Jun 1, 2019 4093
How clinics help smokers kick the habit. May 30, 2019 704
DOH urges smokers to quit on World No Tobacco Day. May 30, 2019 198
DHA urges smokers to quit for World No Tobacco Day. May 26, 2019 818
Setting the stage to quit smoking in Bipolar Disorder patients: brief advice in clinical practice/Preparando el escenario para dejar de fumar en el paciente con Trastorno Bipolar: intervencion breve en la practica clinica. Sarramea, Fernando; Jaen-Moreno, Maria Jose; Martinez, Vicent Balanza; Osuna, Maria Isabel; Alcala, May 26, 2019 7464
The case against vaping. May 24, 2019 1408
E-cigarettes trouble: The case against vaping. May 24, 2019 1408
E-cigarette plans in UAE: How bad is it going to be. May 24, 2019 1433
Nesting tits ruffle smokers' feathers. May 23, 2019 214
Advocates warn retaining tobacco excise tax at current rate to add 1 million new smokers. May 23, 2019 552
Kucuk Hucreli Disi Akciger Kanserinde ALK Geninin Yeniden Duzenlenmesinin FISH Yontemi ile Belirlenmesi/Determination of ALK Gene Rearrangment with FISH Method in Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma. Seymen, Pelin Nimet; Gumuslu, Esen Report May 7, 2019 3166
Minister: Speak Out campaign empowers non-smokers to stand up for smoke-free environment. May 4, 2019 416
Doctors revive heavy smoker suffering heart attack. May 1, 2019 389
Biomass smoke COPD has less tomographic abnormalities but worse hypoxemia compared with tobacco COPD. Meneghini, A.C.; Koenigkam-Santos, M.; Pereira, M.C.; Tonidandel, P.R.; Terra-Filho, J.; Cunha, F.Q. Report May 1, 2019 5430
Antismoking Campaigns' Perception and Gender Differences: A Comparison among EEG Indices. Cartocci, Giulia; Modica, Enrica; Rossi, Dario; Inguscio, Bianca M.S.; Arico, Pietro; Levy, Ana C. M Apr 30, 2019 6711
Study debunks the association of lung cancer with non-smokers. Apr 26, 2019 349
Philip Morris' Life Insurance Firm Offers Discounts To Smokers Who Quit. Apr 25, 2019 380
Smokers suffering cruel persecution. Apr 18, 2019 457
Treating smokers cruelly is morally reprehensible. Apr 17, 2019 1245
Smokers in the borough slow to ditch the cigs. Apr 6, 2019 230
To Vape or Not To Vape? Preliminary Results from a Qualitative Survey of Smokers. Bate, Roger; Mathur, Aparna Apr 1, 2019 4474
Reliability of Chest Wall Mobility and Its Correlation with Lung Functions in Healthy Nonsmokers, Healthy Smokers, and Patients with COPD. Reddy, Ravi S.; Alahmari, Khalid A.; Silvian, Paul S.; Ahmad, Irshad A.; Kakarparthi, Venkata Nagara Mar 31, 2019 6370
Smokers outside the Royal take it too far; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Mar 18, 2019 1079
Smokers misunderstand health risks of smokeless tobacco products: Study. Mar 4, 2019 562
PMI heats up program to convert smokers. Mar 4, 2019 476
Court backs PS8bn compo for smokers. Mar 3, 2019 116
Tobacco companies in Canada will pay $17 B to smokers. Mar 2, 2019 234
Tobacco Use and Associated Health Conditions and Risk Factors in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Transsexual Populations of Puerto Rico, 2013-2015. Cabrera-Serrano, Alex; Felici-Giovanini, Marcos E.; Cases-Rosario, Antonio L. Mar 1, 2019 6212
Saying No to Vaping: What you should know about the dangers of e-cigarettes. Prudovsky, David Mar 1, 2019 1006
Help stop smokers leaving a mess. Feb 15, 2019 191
Smokers are actually losing their place in the world. Feb 14, 2019 341
One in seven city mums is a smoker when their child is born; cuts in support for help to kick habit under fire as shock figures revealed. Feb 11, 2019 503
HMC to test lung volumes of smokers on Sport Day. Feb 7, 2019 322
Tobacco Control Policies in Turkey in Terms of MPOWER. Calikoglu, Elif Oksan; Koycegiz, Edanur Feb 1, 2019 4323
TO "VAPE" OR SMOKE? EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE ON ADULT SMOKERS. Marti, Joachim; Buckell, John; Maclean, Johanna Catherine; Sindelar, Jody Jan 1, 2019 16083
The Effect of Smoking on Macular, Choroidal, and Retina Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness. Teberik, Kuddusi Jan 1, 2019 4311
Effect of monoamine oxidase B A644G variant on nicotine dependence and/or schizophrenia risk. Pehlivan, Sacide; Aydin, Pinar Cetinay; Uysal, Mehmet Atilla; Ciftci, Hayriye Senturk; Sever, Ulgen; Report Jan 1, 2019 3506
Our Mother of Sorrows. Clements, Nina Poem Dec 22, 2018 738
Vapers inhale much lower levels of toxins than smokers: study. Dec 17, 2018 484
Platelet aggregability, prehypertension, and heart rate in male smokers: An unwelcome circumstance for prothrombotic activity. Salvi, Sheetal; Joshi, Aniruddha Dec 15, 2018 3209
Female smokers start earlier than men, says Ministry of Health-WHO survey. Dec 11, 2018 916
Pacquiao: Number of smokers up by 1M in 2022 sans higher tobacco tax. Nov 26, 2018 465
Consumer group: Smokers lit up RM9.9b last year. Nov 22, 2018 427
Smokers reveal how new approach to quitting cigarettes is working for them after just one week; Our case studies have just completed their first seven days taking part in the Hold My Light challenge. Nov 9, 2018 1390
Cigarettes smokers to wait 15 years to recover after quitting - report. Nov 8, 2018 795
Six months grace period for smokers in open-air eateries, says Dr Lee. Nov 5, 2018 410
Few Smokers With PAD Receive Adequate Cessation Support; Many patients with peripheral artery disease smoke; just 16 percent referred to cessation counseling. Oct 30, 2018 224
Fewer smokers successfully kicking the habit as cash to help them give up is cut; Health experts have called for Government assistance after the number of smoking quitters plummeted and hospital admissions due to smoking has surged by 30,000. Oct 27, 2018 284
DISCOVER A NEW WAY OF GOING SMOKE-FREE; SMOKE-FREE WITH THE HOLD MY LIGHT CAMPAIGN; Whether you're a smoker or a buddy wanting to help them signing up together could increase the chances of success. Oct 24, 2018 600
Cigarette smokers are willing to trial cigars; RESEARCH. Oct 19, 2018 105
Malaysians welcome the move for smoke-free eateries. Oct 14, 2018 632
Cancer survivors in graphic campaign targeting smokers. Oct 9, 2018 572
Graphic Images Stick with Smokers. Oct 1, 2018 379
Current Tobacco Smoking, Quit Attempts, and Knowledge About Smoking Risks Among Persons Aged [greater than or equal to] 15 Years--Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 28 Countries, 2008-2016. Ahluwalia, Indu B.; Smith, Tenecia; Arrazola, Rene A.; Palipudi, Krishna M.; de Quevedo, Isabel Garc Survey Sep 28, 2018 2740
Display ban cuts child smokers? Sep 21, 2018 219
Just 1 in 10 'will be smokers in 2023'. Sep 20, 2018 178
More smokers buying illicit tobacco. Sep 7, 2018 150
Number of smokers revealed. Sep 4, 2018 432
Knowledge and Perceptions of E-cigarettes and the Motivations for their Use: Talking to Smokers (E-cigarettes and/or Conventional Cigarettes) and Non-smokers in Puerto Rico. Melin, Kyle; Conte-Schmidt, Nelly; Martinez-Arroyo, Karol; Rosa-Perez, Kellymar; Soto-Aviles, Adrian Sep 1, 2018 4947
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Study: Smokers better off quitting, even with weight gain. Aug 16, 2018 490
Most cigarette smokers try to quit without evidence-based techniques. Aug 5, 2018 278
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22nd Century: Study finds nondaily smokers who use VLNC reduced smoking by 51%. Jul 24, 2018 160
CDC's latest Tips From Former Smokers campaign hits airwaves. Krisberg, Kim Jul 1, 2018 393
Smokers' Diets Are High in Calories, Low in Value. Jul 1, 2018 206
Report calls for smokers to be allowed to use e-cigarettes on NHS sites. Report Jun 26, 2018 227
When to screen for lung cancer in people with HIV. Mascolini, Mark Report Jun 22, 2018 3868
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'Quitting smoking won't harm smokers'. Jun 3, 2018 546
Large Cigarette Tax Hikes, Illicit Producers, and Organized Crime: Lessons from Pakistan. Bate, Roger Report Jun 1, 2018 5283
Smokers flouting ban at Nuneaton's hospital; The ban has been in place for two years. Jun 1, 2018 321
France shed 1 million daily smokers in 2017: Health Ministry. May 29, 2018 351
1 million Korean smokers switched to IQOS. May 23, 2018 357
ASCO: Few Eligible Smokers Had CT Screen for Lung CA in 2016; Most eligible smokers populated in South, which had most screening sites but low screening rate. May 17, 2018 264
HIV linked to higher chance of obstructive lung disease in smokers over 40. May 1, 2018 1343
Personalized Report-Back to Renters on Radon and Tobacco Smoke Exposure. Hahn, Ellen J.; Rademacher, Kathy; Wiggins, Amanda; Rayens, Mary Kay Cover story May 1, 2018 4780 Unveils 2018 Pitmaster Awards for Best Value BBQ Grills and Smokers. Apr 23, 2018 678
Fewer smokers aim to stub it out; WARNING Drop is blamed on cutbacks to cessation services. Apr 6, 2018 432
Smokers have unhealthier diets than non-smokers. Apr 5, 2018 369
Smoking Status Associated With Poor Diet Quality; Smokers eat smaller amounts of food higher in calories. Apr 5, 2018 205
Smokers have worse diets than former or non-smokers. Apr 4, 2018 435
Smokers have unhealthier diets than non-smokers. Apr 4, 2018 439
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An ever tightening stranglehold; The toughest regulatory constraints yet on tobacco have led to PS300m being wiped off the market as smokers make lowest price their first priority. Richard Pendleton Feb 10, 2018 1757
Regular exercise linked with better lung function among smokers. Feb 6, 2018 341
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Just 'trying' cigarette? You could become daily smoker. Jan 10, 2018 431
Does this mean the fag end for cigs? Cigs; Millions turn to heat device. Jan 7, 2018 912
Does this mean the fag end for cigs? Millions turn to heat device. Jan 7, 2018 912
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Apples, Tomatoes Help Reduce Lung Deterioration In Ex-Smokers. Dec 24, 2017 634
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Japanese company rewards non-smokers with 6 extra holidays per year. Nov 21, 2017 260
After a dip in number of smokers, another increase looms. Nov 7, 2017 1049
Majority of young smokers buy illegal tobacco; SURVEY REVEALS 55% OF 14 AND 15-YEAR-OLDS GET THEM FROM ILLEGAL SOURCES. Nov 3, 2017 448
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Risk of Frailty Higher Among Smokers. Oct 26, 2017 139

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