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Smokers seen as lepers; Supported by YourSay.

I TOTALLY agree with Mr Matthews' letter "Room to relax pub cigs ban" (Mail, July 19).

Everything he said was totally true. Smokers are social lepers and have to smoke outside whatever the weather, which is very unfair. Criminals are treated better. Because of this pubs are suffering greatly, plus other outlets too.

Years ago pubs had a smoking room obviously for those who enjoyed a cigarette or pipe. No-one complained about that.

Yet today the scaremongers have put the fear of God into non-smokers, passive smoking will kill you. Yet there is no scientific evidence to prove this. Of course, smoking can kill the smoker, we all know that, but I once read about a professor who has studied passive smoking to reveal that if a non-smoker spent many years in the company of a heavy smoker, they would only inhale a short supply of nicotine. I read the other day that there could be a ban on smoking outdoors. Pathetic.

Where are smokers going to smoke? If only the non-smoker could do the same. There is more pollution in fumes from cars, bonfires and barbecues. Yet outside they go into the atmosphere. So how can anyone ban smoking outside? If this comes into force then many smokers will be up in arms.

Remember, smokers pay a lot of revenue, and if smokers were forced to give up then where would the government target the next people... the driver, of course.

Ms Suzy Kendall, Sheldon
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 26, 2011
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