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Smoke screen.

Q I have an idle issue with my 10-year-old 200 hp I Suzuki two-stroke, six-cylinder outboard. The engine runs great and smooth once it reaches 1800-2000 rpm, but at idle it runs on only two or three cylinders, which creates a lot of smoke and really stinks up the yacht club I belong to. Is it possible to get the engine to run on all six cylinders at idle? The yacht club would really appreciate it.

Joe Cambria, Wakefield, MA

Depending on the year, the 150/200 Suzukis run on either three or four cylinders and add cylinders as the rpm increases (thank you, EPA). The only thing you can do is idle it out of the marina with the trim out beyond vertical. The stinky smoke problem lies in the engine's trim angle, not the number of cylinders that are firing. Japanese manufacturers use exhaust extraction almost as a primary form of power. If the engine is tilted all the way down, the exhaust is backed up (for lack of a better word) and excessive smoke occurs. So tilting the engine up as you're idling out of the marina may ease--but not eliminate--the problem. As you're accelerating easily, start bringing the trim back to fully tucked-in for heavy acceleration. If the marina still complains ... well, they don't want this boy's thoughts!

Grid Michal With 50 years of experience as a marine tech, Michal is also American Suzuki and OMC/ Bombardier (BRP) certified.

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