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Smith Carter.

Our business is like life -- the only constant is change. And from what we've seen, few fields have changed as rapidly as health care. The developments and improvements in hospitals, clinics, research facilities and laboratories seem to arrive daily, and keeping on top of them has become a Smith Carter specialty.

The company's broad health care and related experience has prepared us to meet the immense design challenges of the years ahead. It is our business to develop efficient, adaptable facilities to keep pace with scientific, medical and treatment breakthroughs. "Our work, particularly in health care and related fields, requires us to have a much broader perspective than one might ordinarily expect from architects and engineers," says company president Jim Orzechowski.

Gaining that perspective has placed some of the company's architects and engineers in unusual environments. They've watched scientists in laboratories, studied the equipment they use and plan to use in the future, and considered what containment issues are important. They've observed surgical procedures to see how medical professionals use operating room space, and walked around in Biosafety Level Four containment suits in order to feel the limitations of protective clothing.

"Many of our planners and designers have had these experiences," adds company vice-president Jim Weselake. "Some weren't too happy about it, but it certainly helped them understand the requirements of those who work in the environments they were planning."

With shrinking health care budgets, new buildings are not always possible. Smith Carter's expertise includes regeneration and redevelopment of existing facilities to better adapt them for current and future health care needs.

This expertise comes from hours of listening, study and careful consideration of a wide range of solutions. It's Smith Carter's continuous commitment to research into changing trends and new directions, often taking them around the world in their pursuit for more and better information, that allows the firm to provide its present and future clients with at least one constant in a changing world -- consistent excellence.
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Title Annotation:Celebrating Success; medical equipment manufacturer
Publication:Manitoba Business
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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