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Smile, you re on candid camera.

Once again, James O'Keefe, the unlikable pseudo journalist/political peeping Tom, has released a video purportedly showing alleged voter fraud in NH on primary day--he and his minions pretended to be looking to register to vote, even though they were nonresidents.

The trouble is, as it always is, the video is heavily edited, as the AG's office pointed out, and it's possible that--once again--JO and his minions may have been breaking the law themselves. After all, as the League of Women Voters pointed out, there are laws forbidding the use of cameras or recording devices within five feet of voter registration tables. And then there's those annoying little wiretapping laws.

But the best part? That's the revelation that two people identified as Nashua poll workers (who were shown giving advice to the primary "voters") weren't, aren't and never were Nashua poll workers.

Must have been B roll.

Interestingly, the director/writer of the film himself was going door-to-door in Manch-Vegas looking to catch Sanders campaign volunteers.

As one, a volunteer who was staying at a friend's house, wrote:

"At about 2:30, James O'Keefe appeared at the door of my supporter's house with a pizza box and his hat on backwards ... I recognized him immediately. He asked if I was here, using my name. He introduced himself as James and I noticed a car across the street filming me.

"I told him I knew who he was and asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted me to know that he and his group were around trying to expose voter fraud.

"I asked him what that had to do with me.

"He said. 'You work for the Bernie Sanders campaign.'"

"I corrected him, saying that I am a volunteer helping get out the vote for the campaign and asked if they were so bored that they needed to start harassing and attempt to intimidate volunteers now. I asked why he was on my host's porch with a stupid fake pizza? He asked if I wanted it and I told him I wanted nothing to do with him or anything he is involved in. I was irritated at that point and he backed off. He repeated that he was there to uncover voter fraud. I said, 'Whatever. Have fun' and closed the door."

Remember ... there are wiretapping laws.

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