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Smells like a learning opportunity: Fragrance as a Science' is March 24.

* The Society of Cosmetic Chemists will hold "Fragrance as a Science" on March 24 at the Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel, Newark, NJ.

The one-day course will cover the sense of smell, the history-7 of perfume, fragrance creation and duplication, aroma chemicals and reactions, fragrance applications in personal care and household products, fragrance regulations, and natural and organic fragrances.

The class will explore fragrance in personal care--including solubility of individual aroma chemicals, partitioning into emulsion and surfactant systems, stability and viscosity issues, and aesthetic translation into diverse media--and fragrance in household products, including interaction of fragrance with substrates, stability in hostile environments, air fresheners and candles and malodor counteractants.

Fragrance safety and regulations, the role of RTFM and IFRA and its response to current issues and DfE fragrance criteria will also be discussed, as well as natural and organic fragrances.

The course will also cover chemoreception, the stereochemical theory of odor, the vibrational theory of odor, the olfactory gene family, signal transduction: how an odor molecule in the air is transformed into a signal and emotion in the brain.

The instructor is Steve Herman, president of Diffusion LLC and a principal in PJS Partners. Herman is also the author of "Fragrance Applications: A Survival Guide."

The rates for the course are $300 for SCC members, $150 for SCC student members and $425 for non -members before March 10, according to SCC.

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Date:Mar 1, 2011
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