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Smash drives dad mad; Bizarre stories from around the world: SON WRITES OFF pounds 130K CAR.


A YOUNG driver wrote off his dad's new pounds 130,000 Porsche while practising for the Cannonball Run road race.

Max Richter, 23, lost control of the car, leaving it impaled on wooden fence posts in Switzerland five minutes after setting off.

Traffic police said the poles had missed the driver and his passenger by inches.

A police spokesman said: "The family had just taken delivery of the car. His father was not impressed."

Deadly dishes A CHINESE man with a passion for eating live scorpions claims to have scoffed more than 10,000 of the deadly insects.

Li Liuqun, 58, from Hunan, says he got hooked more than 30 years ago when he was stung by one of the creatures.

He said: "I was so angry I picked it up and bit its head off. It tasted sweet and nutty and I never looked back."

Li now eats between 20 or 30 in a sitting.

Shampoo-ch IT'S just the place to go when you've got a grimy old Rover that needs a good hosing down - while you're at it, you can get the car washed too.

Garage owners in Konin, Poland, have opened a dog wash where pooches are put on a production line complete with hair dryers and a quick polish for their nails.

Owner Tomas Paduch said: "It works the same way as our car wash. We shampoo, rinse and dry them."

Biker is a sad site A BIKER who taunted police after outrunning them in a 200mph chase has been nicked after they tracked him through Facebook.

Antonio Jakopovic, 25, from Molve, Croatia, teased the officers on his website profile.

But police found his home address through the site.

The biker has now lost his licence and is facing a pounds 1000 fine.

Ugly Argy-bargy OFFICIALS in Argentina have banned a bizarre festival called the Dance Of The Ugly as they say the traditional event is cruel to contestants.

Anti-discrimination officers in the town of General Alvear stepped in to stop the contest, which was won last year by a man with a hair lip and his 4ft-tall wife.

But organiser Antonio Escobar has complained, saying: "This contest is an opportunity for people to shine but that has been taken away from them."

Penguins prey ZOO bosses in Germany have had to instal electric fences around their bird enclosure to stop crafty foxes picking up defenceless penguins.

Keepers at Cologne Zoo have lost five of the flightless birds after foxes realised they were easy prey.

Now manager Christopher Landsberg, who says flamingos and ducks have also been attacked, has authorised an electric fence around the enclosure to put off the foxes.

He said: "It will only be on at night and it's a temporary measure until we can make the zoo fox-proof."


Carnage: Max and his passenger nearly died in crash
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 3, 2010
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