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Smarten up your DAGR.


Your defense advanced GPS receiver (DAGR) is a smart piece of equipment. But is it as smart as it can be?

It is if you have programmed in the latest software. Unfortunately, many of you have not. Your DAGR is dumb and that should concern you, greatly.


The latest software for the AN/PSN-13 model is version 984-2461-016. The latest version for the -13A model is 984-3006006. The software version on your DAGR appears on-screen at start-up. If it's not the latest version, go to this website:

Once at the site, log in and then click on the PRODUCTS/DAGR tab. The controlling MWO, MWO 11-5802-117220-4 (Mar 09), and the current operators and maintenance manual, TM 11-58201172-13 Chg 3 (Oct 07), are also available at this link.

If you don't have the capability to download software from the Internet to your DAGR, you can get a CD containing the software mailed to you. Click on the SUPPORT/Download or Order Software tab and insert a number in the "order qty" box on the line for each item that you need mailed to you.

Once the new software is installed in one DAGR, you can use the DAGR-toDAGR cable to install it in other DAGRs. (Unless the other DAGRs are more than one software version behind. That means version -015 for a -13 DAGR or -005 for a 13A DAGR since you are loading 016 006 now!)

Detailed DAGR-to-DAGR reprogramming procedures are at Para 12.6 of the DAGR TM. Or you can grab just that info as posted at the same PRODUCTS/ DAGR tab on the GPS website.

After loading new software, you must update your DAGR serial numbers to the modification management information system (MMIS) in accordance with AR 75010, Para 5-2d:


* Corrections that reduce the error of the DAGR mistaking a "bounced" signal for that of another satellite.

* Added buffer alerts.

* An improved low-battery warning.

* Improvements for gun laying and azimuth determination functions.

* An updated world magnetic model.

* Improved laser range finder operation.

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