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SmartSignal Secures Two Significant New Alliances New partnerships Expand SmartSignal's market acceptance.

LISLE, Ill., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ --

SmartSignal Corporation, whose technology is clearly defining the rapidly emerging Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM) market, entered into strategic alliances with Crossbow Technology and Think & Do Software, expanding market access via whole product solutions. The software and hardware alliances demonstrate a growing interest in ECM products.

SmartSignal's patented ECM technology allows companies to better analyze existing sensor data, especially the complex relationship between multiple sensors, which provides a quantum leap in early detection of abnormal machine behavior and represents a profound advancement over traditional Condition Monitoring (CM) systems. ECM technology could potentially save billions in asset productivity across multiple industries.

Crossbow Technology, Inc. is the leading supplier of embedded measurement sensor and control subsystems that combine the latest in silicon technology with leading edge software solutions and Bluetooth wireless technology. "Adding SmartSignal technology to the CrossNet(TM) integrated hardware/software solution architecture is a natural. CrossNet(TM) was designed to collect data from multiple wireless sensors; and SmartSignal's technology is designed to analyze the relationship between those sensors to provide the earliest possible fault detection" noted Rudy Mui, Vice President, Marketing at Crossbow.

SmartSignal will provide ECM technology to Think & Do, a manufacturer of PC-based control software, to integrate with their Think & Do Live software. Think & Do Live is used by equipment manufacturers and discrete manufacturing companies, such as Dell, to provide downtime tracking and management as well as manufacturing control. "Integrating SmartSignal's early warning ECM technology with Think & Do Live will allow our customers to get next week's downtime report this week," says Andy McMillan, Co-Founder of Think & Do Software.

"SmartSignal's early fault detection is a perfect fit with Think and Do Live" commented Ken Spenser, President of Think and Do. "Smart Signal will be the first company to exploit the open object model of the Visio based Version 6 of Think & Do Live!"

"SmartSignal initially installed ECM technology on a case-by-case basis for a variety of manufacturers," says Gary Conkright, SmartSignal's president and CEO. We recently released Embedded ECM version 1.0, the first in a suite of "off-the-shelf" software products, which has exponentially increased the accessibility of our technology. Now we're developing alliances to dramatically increase market access through whole product solution providers. We're clearly focused on logically expanding our market base across many industries, while shaping ECM as a new business category," he adds.

ARC Advisory Group forecasts year 2000 sales of hardware, software and services in the traditional CM category to be $660 million. SmartSignal's ECM technology has the potential to radically eclipse the market estimate for the CM business category. Applications of SmartSignal ECM technology can be found in paper manufacturing, petrochemicals, food, jet engine monitoring, transportation, and other industrial machinery and processes.

SmartSignal's broad industry appeal and rapidly developing network of strategic alliances are a natural response to today's market demands. John Moore, vice president of ARC Advisory Group, observes in his 1999 Market Analysis and Forecast of the Worldwide Condition Monitoring and PAM Systems that two of the over-riding market needs for asset and maintenance management solutions are to decrease maintenance costs and maximize uptime for manufacturing plants. SmartSignal technology directly addresses these identified market needs, thereby providing a tool to increase any industry's ROI.

SmartSignal is a venture-backed start-up software company based in Lisle, Ill. SmartSignal was founded in 1996 by ARCH Development Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Chicago. The core technology, originally developed at Argonne National Laboratory, is the result of a multimillion dollar U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research effort. SmartSignal has 10 US patents, 16 pending applications and broad foreign coverage. In 1998, SmartSignal technology won an R&D Magazine "R&D 100 Award" for its signal analysis and fault prediction capabilities. More information about SmartSignal is available at .
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Date:Aug 21, 2000
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