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Smart tools.

SPECIALIZED TOOLS make completing a task easier, and working on guns should be no different. Warne Manufacturing Company recently released a series of preset torque wrenches that are sure to alleviate some of the stresses in our lives. But these are no ordinary bench tools.

Warne's TW65 quarter-inch driver is preset to 65 inch-pounds, allowing shooters to precisely tighten the common half-inch hex nut found on most scope rings and bases. The TW65 signals the user with an audible beep and an illuminated red light when the torque value has been reached. Many scope rings and bases, to include those made by Warne, will return to zero if removed and reinstalled in the same location and with the same amount of torque. Even if you don't find yourself switching optics often, this is still a must-have tool for any range bag or work bench.

The TW1 T-handled torque wrench is preset to 25 inch-pounds, which is the torque setting Warne and most other manufacturers recommend for torquing rings and base screws. This simple yet effective tool breaks away, notifying the user when the proper value has been reached. The unit comes with a T-15 bit but will accept other sizes as well.

If you're tired of tactical black and would like to add some flare to your rifle, Warne offers a wide variety of scope mounts and rings in a multitude of colors ranging from bright to drab. We've found that they're also a great way to quickly identify optics on the shelf and which optic is used for which discipline. As an example, your 3-Gun scope could be mounted in a red or blue anodized base, while your hunting optic or tactical model can sit in an OD or FDE base. If previously zeroed, simply retorque your scope in the same location using the TW65 driver, and you can forgo zeroing.

Warne takes the guesswork out of scope mounting.




Caption: Warne Manufacturing Company has a long-standing reputation for developing quality firearm accessories. The company's mounts and new line of torque wrenches continue this legacy. TW65 $60; TW1 $25

Caption: The TW1 is a must-have for torquing rings to 25 in.-lbs.

Caption: The TW65 secures Vi-inch nuts of mounts with 65 inch-pounds.

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Date:Jul 1, 2017
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