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Smart swaps for sinful sips.

Not only are sugary drinks linked to obesity and diabetes, but a new study sags that consuming more than four sweet drinks a day raises your risk of depression by 30 percent. Here are six of the baddest bevvies out there--and smart swaps that'll, hydrate ya in a healthy way.

SINFUL SIP: Large (22 ounces) McDonald's Strawberry McCafe Shake Sugar. 123 grams (41 sugar packs]

SMARTER SWAP: Small (20 ounces) Smoothie King Lean1 Strawberry Smoothie Sugar. 28 grams (9 sugar packs]

SINFUL SIP: Grande Starbucks Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino Blended Sugar. 57 8rams (19 sugar packs]

SMARTER SWAP: 1 box Horizon Organic Vanilla Milk Sugar. 22 grams (7 sugar packs]

SINFUL SIP: 1 bottle Nestea Iced Tea Sugar. 55 grams (18 sugar packs)

SMARTER SWAP: 1 bottle Tazo Organic Iced Tea Green Tea Sugar. 20 grams (7 sugar packs)

SINFUL SIP: 1 bottle Tropicana Twister Strawberry Kiwi Cyclone Sugar. 73 grams (24 sugar packs)

SMARTER SWAP: 1 bottle Fuze Slenderize Strawberry Melon Sugar. 3 grams (1 sugar pack)

SINFUL SIP: 1 can Sunkist Orange Soda Sugar. 52 grams (17 sugar packs)

SMARTER SWAP: 1 bottle Grown Up Sodas Dry Valencia Orange Sugar. 24 grams (8 sugar packs)

SINFUL SIP: 1 pouch CapriSun Fruit Punch Sugar. 16 grams (5 sugar packs)

SMARTER SWAP: 1 pouch Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch Sugar. 9 grams (3 sugar packs)

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Title Annotation:Smart Eats
Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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