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Smart strip: an innovative way to save: phantom load' is energy used by devices that are plugged in, even if turned off. It represents up to 10 percent of energy consumed.--EPA.

How It Works

* When you turn off your computer or it goes to sleep for more than one hour, the smart strip automatically turns off the computer (if applicable) and associated "automatically switched" peripherals--monitor, printer etc.--plugged into the strip.

* "Constant hot" outlets are not controlled by the strip and stay on regardless of computer setting.


* Reduces energy consumption & greenhouse gas emissions. (Many appliances continue to draw power when they are switched off.)

* Protects appliances from power surges.

* Saves time & energy: No need to lean down and shut the power strip off manually.

Brett Well, LEED AP, Vice President, National Multifamily Sales, greeNEWit, contributed to this report

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Date:Mar 1, 2014
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