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Smart materials for smart devices and structures; proceedings.


Smart materials for smart devices and structures; proceedings.

Symposium C, European Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting. (2008: Warsaw University of Technology). Ed. by Marcin Leonowicz and Dariusz

Trans Tech Publications


206 pages




This volume collects 32 selected, peer-reviewed research articles from the eponymous September 2008 symposium held during the fall meeting of the European Materials Research Society. The proceedings highlight advances in the development of smart materials with a special focus on numerical modeling, fabrication methods, technologies, properties, sensing, and processing capabilities in lights of their potential applications in smart structures, devices, and systems. Some examples of specific topics include measurements of strain in ceramic components using magnetostrictive delay line, magnetomechanical properties of terfenol-D composites, shape memory assemblies using ultrasonic welding, formation of metal silicide nanodots on ultrathin SiO2 for floating gate application, structure and shape memory effect in annealed Ni-Ti-Co strip produced by twin roll casting technique, differential magnetoelastic compressive force sensor utilizing two amorphous alloy ring cores, elastomers containing fillers with magnetic properties, texture analysis of hot rolled Ni-Mn-Ga alloys, and magnetic field analysis for magnetron sputtering apparatus for accurate composition control.

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