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Smart locks.

Nearly every company has tangible assets that need to be protected. No matter what types of security measures are taken, ultimately some sort of lock must placed on the door, cabinet or strongbox protecting a company's valuables.

While it may seem that all locks are the same, Videx has released CyberLock Electronic Locks, which can turn nearly any standard lock into a digital access control system. Simply replacing the mechanical cylinder in the center of a normal lock with one of Videx's Interchangeable Core cylinders creates a pick-proof lock.

In fact, the only way to open a CyberLock is with a CyberKey. These electronic keys are operated by a small, three-volt battery and can be programmed to provide access in a number of different ways. For example, certain keys may be programmed to open only one lock while others can be set to access all CyberLocks on the premises.

These keys can also be equipped with time restraints. Suppose for example, certain employees should only have access to specific assets during business hours. Or possibly, an employee needs to have access for the duration of a two-month project. In these cases, managers can use Videx's CyberAudit software to restrict access. With this, keys can be designed to only work from 9 to 5 or provide access between March 13 and May 13, for example.

The CyberAudit software also tracks access history. Every time a lock is opened, the date, time, key name and person assigned to it are recorded. This allows management to monitor who, when and why locks are being opened.

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