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Smart assistance for automated electrophoresis.

Designed to ensure full standardization of all preanalytical steps for gel electrophoresis, Assist, is an autosampler that eliminates manual pipetting with direct sampling from primary tubes, full barcode management, and the ability to perform standard or customized dilutions and anti-sera pipetting. It works in conjunction with this company's Hydrasys series of instruments and the data-acquisition software Phoresis to provide full automation and positive sample identification. The system allows for standard or customer dilution protocols for serum and CSF, and automatically dispenses antisera for immunofixation. The autosampler boasts loading and storage capacity of up to four applicators for processing of 60 protein or nine immunofixation samples, with complete walkaway capabilities.


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Title Annotation:Industry spotlight
Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Date:May 1, 2011
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