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Smart Engineering System Design: Neural Networks, Evolutionary Programming, Data mining and Artifical Life, vol.15: Proceedings.


Smart engineering system design: Neural networks, evolutionary programming, data mining, and artifical life, v.15; proceedings.

International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering (15th: 2005: St. Louis, MO) Ed. by Cihan H. Dagli et al.



894 pages



ASME Press series on intelligent engineering systems through artificial neural networks; v.15


Edited papers from a November 2005 conference highlight the latest advances in neural networks, evolutionary programming, data mining, artificial life, and their applications in engineering. Papers are grouped in sections on architectures, evolutionary programming, adaptive control, data mining, pattern recognition, financial engineering applications, and smart engineering systems. Some paper topics are multistage self-organization maps with rejection schemes, a classification of tornadoes using linear discriminant analysis, non- local adaptation in bidding agents, a variable population genetic algorithm, and fuzzy regression models based on analysis of residuals.

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