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Smallworldwide plc announces launch of Smallworld GIS version 2.2.


New Version of GIS Product Enhances

Integration, Information Sharing Capabilities

Smallworldwide plc (Nasdaq: SWLDY), one of the world's fastest growing vendors of client/server software for the spatial design, engineering and management of complex physical networks, today announced the launch of the latest version of its core product, Smallworld GIS. This upgrade reinforces Smallworld's commitment to place its technology into the mainstream of corporate information technology, offering unrivaled systems integration capabilities and a new level of support for enterprisewide IT solutions.

"Smallworld 2.2 represents a major milestone in spatial object technology," said Smallworld Chairman Dick Newell. "The product is built to serve as a strong yet flexible platform for the many critical applications needed for success in today's competitive markets and to integrate seamlessly with Oracle and other databases. This is truly a product that will take our customers far beyond the historic limitations of GIS technology and further widens our technology lead over the rest of the GIS industry."

The 2.2 release includes Smallworld's Spatial Object Controller, an extension to the core product architecture that offers a radically new approach to the integration of business applications using the strengths of object orientation. For example, an existing landbase held in CAD files such as Microstation, or demographic data held in Oracle's Spatial Data Option or INFORMIX Spatial Datablade will be successfully integrated using this technology. This feature offers users choice and flexibility in the way their solutions are implemented and their existing data is handled.

Another major feature of the 2.2 release is Smallworld's unique new Replication Manager, which makes both sharing information and group working easier. Distributed users across the enterprise can now work on the same projects without needing to be connected to the main database, and can be brought up to date with each other's work the next time their systems are brought on- line together. This is expected to be of enormous value to large organizations, and particularly to the combined utilities resulting from the newly deregulated markets worldwide.

To coincide with the release of Windows NT 4.0, Smallworld has also introduced features for office automation and additional support for the Windows Open Services Architecture (WOSA). Microsoft COM (Common Object Model) support allows integration with common desktop application suites, such as Microsoft Office and Corel Office. In addition, Smallworld can now use Microsoft ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) both to access data managed in other systems and to make Smallworld data available via tools such as Access, PowerBuilder and SQL Windows.

Smallworld ( a leading vendor of open client/server software for the spatial design, engineering and management of complex physical networks. The Company's product, Smallworld GIS, is used primarily by customers in the telecommunications and utilities sectors to plan, design, build and manage their complex infrastructures. Smallworld GIS employs unique object oriented development and spatial database technologies which enable users to rapidly develop and deploy applications across the enterprise, resulting in significant business benefits and early return on investment. Smallworld has over 350 customers in 20 countries around the world. The Company's headquarters are located in Cambridge, England. A publicly-held company, Smallworldwide plc trades on the NASDAQ market under the symbol SWLDY.


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Date:Jan 20, 1997
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