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Smaller aircraft temporarily banned at Sola airport, Norway.


Due to an error in a new communications system at Stavanger's Sola airport, Norway, all smaller aircraft and helicopters that do not use instruments for takeoff and landing are temporarily banned from the airport.

The civil aviation authority has reportedly been searching for the cause of the error for two months without success, resulting in limitations on air traffic to and from the airport. The ban does not include ambulance and military aircraft. So far, there are no estimates of how long the temporary ban will be in force, reported Stavanger Aftenblad, a Norwegian regional newspaper.

The new communications system, which is intended to provide information on radio frequencies and telephone information on a computer screen for the air traffic controllers, has apparently shown a tendency to freeze the screens and the aviation authority and Nevia, the seller of the system, are to discuss the problems this week.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
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Date:Jan 17, 2001
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