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Smaller, faster, cheaper titanium ingots.

RTI International Metals Inc., Niles, Ohio, has pioneered a more efficient way to create titanium ingots with a smaller cross-section, avoiding the hot working step. Its Continuously Cast Titanium Near Net Ingots, developed with engineering and manufacturing support from the U.S. Army ARDEC RDAR-MEE, Materials Manufacturing and Prototype Technology Division, Picatinny Arsenal, N.J., American Engineering & Manufacturing, Amherst, Ohio, and Advanced Design Industries Inc., Sheffield Village, Ohio, are made with a plasma arc melting furnace technology that has been adapted to a continuous process. Central to the process is the invention of a molten glass seal system that locks in gas but permits the withdrawal of the ingot. An oxy-fuel torch cuts the ingot during withdrawal; a special robot extracts the ingot.

Benefits of continuously cast near net shape products compared to conventional manufacturing process include: reducing energy consumption 67%, processing time by more than 50%, material yield loss by as much as 50%, and productivity by as much as 150% for some applications.

* RTI International Metals Inc.,

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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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