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Small molecules activate human cardiac stem cell for heart repair.

TORRANCE, Calif, December 9, 2015 Celprogen Inc., said it has synthesized two small molecules that are able to activate the resident cardiac stem cell pool to accelerate heart repair after cardiac arrest.

The actual mechanism of action is not yet worked out, the company said, but the molecular recruitment of cardiac stem cells is well documented and established in their in-house 3D human cardiac cell culture models.

The molecules were presented at a cell biology meeting in San Diego on December 14.

The gene expression profile of cardiac stem cell markers were increased 5-6 folds above nontreated hearts in 3D culture system and also in-vivo mouse and rat models.

The present invention relates to administrating these small molecules after a cardiac arrest and then observing the recovery of the heart tissue in returning to baseline cardiac activity.

The tissues that received the molecules were able to reach stabilization faster within 24-72 hours when compared to the control group that took 14 to 28 days.

The delivery and the mechanism of action are being worked out at present. These synthetic molecules so far have not shown any adverse events in our limited (n=20) in-vivo model systems.

The abstract presented is titled: "Novel 3D Primary Human Cardiomyocyte Culture System for Evaluation of Candidate Drug Related Cardiac Safety Profile."


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Date:Dec 21, 2015
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