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Small cities work to become more visible.

Unfunded federal mandates and fiscal notes thereon, required recycling where no market exists for recyclables exists and concerns about large cities' desire to ship garbage to western states will top the Small Cities Council agenda in 1992.

Meeting during the Congress of Cities, the council also unanimously endorsed a resolution to enhance small city visibility within NLC, selected new leaders, made by-law changes and learned of available resources, particularly in the environmental area.

The resolution, submitted to the board by the Community and Economic Development Steering Committee in September and later approved at the annual business meeting, recognized that two-thirds of NLC's membership comes from municipalities of less than 50,000 population and greater more must be devoted to their interests.

The measure stressed that budget constraints make travel to NLC-sponsored meetings difficult for small city officials and called on state municipal leagues to coordinate efforts to address their needs and ensure their fuller participation in NLC.

It also called for establishing a small cities subcommittee on each of the five standing steering committees, participation on these committees by Small Cities Council ex-officio members, attaching statements to NLC information on new federal legislation and regulations on the impact on small communities and their budgets, sessions on "new approaches" to problems regularly encountered by small cities at major NLC conferences, workshops on federal mandates and available resources, and emphasized NLC represents a diverse constituency.

The board struck a provision that state leagues help defray travel costs to steering committee meetings.

Deer Park, Tex. Mayor Jimmy Burke was elected chairman for the coming year. Chosen first and second vice chair were Trotwood, Ohio, Mayor Richard J. Haas and Kirkwood, Mo., Councilmember Marge Schramm, respectively.

Both the council and its steering committee, which met earlier that day, endorsed the candidacies of outgoing chair Paul Thornton, councilmember, Vienna, W.Va., and Burney for the NLC Board of Directors.

Other small city officials elected to the board were Councilmember Joe Adams, University City, Mo.; Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Pickett, Liberty, Tex. and Mayor Robert Young, Jr., Henderson, N.C.

The council unanimously approved several by-law changes intended to enhance operations.

They call for representation on each steering committee, require all council members (who are appointed by their respective state municipal leagues) to be from NLC direct-member cities, provide for the chair to appoint council members when the state league fails to do so, allow the chair to appoint five at-large steering committee members to serve at his pleasure, provide for filling the office of second vice chair should it become vacant, and modify the procedure for filling steering committee vacancies.
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Author:Turner, Laura
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Date:Dec 16, 1991
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