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Small business ... we're thinking big! Small businesses make up more than 90 percent of our membership, and our goal is to offer you new and exciting programs to help you boost your bottom line and sharpen your competitive edge.

5-Minute Networking: Break the ice and cut to the chase!


5-Minute Networking events offer participants an effective and efficient method for generating business referrals by applying the concept of speed dating to networking. Gone are the days of awkward icebreakers and dead-end leads that all too often result from traditional networking events. The 5-Minute Networking experience offers the efficiency of five-minute, one-on-one meetings with potential clients from targeted companies based on your business interests. Small businesses enjoy the fast-paced format with over 95 percent of the participants at the last two sessions finding them beneficial and willing to attend again. The next 5-Minute Networking event is scheduled for Dec. 6 at Huntington Bank in Troy. To register, go to

Here's what participants said after our first 5-Minute Networking event in August

"Very good! Do it again."

"Keep up the great work!

"The more the merrier."

"It was great! A lot of energy!"

Small Business Institute: Forums and Webinars just for you!

Our new Small Business Institute is for business owners with limited time and resources who are looking high-quality educational forums to help you succeed in a competitive marketplace. Forum topics include:

* Marketing

* Networking

* Financing

* Public and private procurement

* Franchising

The Small Business Institute has an innovative virtual component too. Over the next few months, the Chamber is rolling out three Webinars on the critical topic of finding capital to finance small businesses. The videos can be viewed at a business owner's convenience and as often as he or she likes. Each Webinar also has its own virtual discussion board for small businesses to post questions or comments and receive input back from industry experts and Chamber staff. The first Webinar in this series is now available on the Chamber's Website at Check it out!




Looking ahead, our programming and products for small businesses will continue to focus on the issues--such as access to capital, access to quality workers, health care and tax policy--that improve your bottom line and ensure that you remain the driving economic force in Southeast Michigan.

For more information on the programs mentioned in this article and all the Chamber's small business efforts, visit

Want to learn more about these and other programs tailored especially for small business? Contact Jon Kreger, director of Small Business Initiatives, at (313) 596-0414 or e-mail: More information is also available on our Website at

RELATED ARTICLE: Small Business Advisory Council

The Detroit Regional Chamber's Small Business Advisory Council (SBAC) is the voice for small businesses in Southeast Michigan.

The Council is a core group of volunteer small business owners and operators who provide direction for the Chamber's programming, products and services geared toward small businesses. The SBAC also provides policy recommendations for the Board of Directors on public issues, such as taxes, regulations and a pro-job environment, vital to the success of small businesses in the Detroit Region.

Council members meet quarterly to set the small business agenda for the Chamber. This program year's agenda focuses on four key areas for small businesses: health care, access to capital, quality workforce and creating a business climate that fosters job growth.

The 2006-2007 Small Business Advisory Council is led by Chairman Terry Oprea, president and CEO of Mort Crim Communications Inc.

For more information, contact Jon Kreger at (313) 596-0414 or e-mail:
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