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Articles from Small Press Bookwatch (December 1, 2009)

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Title Author Type Words
2012 Maya End Date. Brief article 223
33: Understanding Change & the Change in Understanding. Brief article 123
A Leadership Vacuum. Book review 97
A New Theology. Brief article 119
A Tale of Business Failure. Book review 120
A Walk for Sunshine, third edition. Book review 115
Actions Mightier Than Boastings. Brief article 173
Advaita. Brief article 86
Allegories. Book review 106
American Junkie. Book review 95
Beneath the Pyramids. Book review 88
Bleeder. Book review 90
Change Your Smile, fourth edition. Brief article 105
China's Exploding Powers. Book review 94
Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer. Book review 118
Cow Across America. Book review 89
Creating a Life. Brief article 82
Crossroads. Brief article 93
Delivery From Darkness. Brief article 154
Do You Love Jehovah? Book review 95
Doctor's Orders. Book review 99
Don't Start the Revolution Without me. Brief article 134
Extra! Extra! Book review 116
Extraordinary News For Ordinary People. Book review 134
Fasten Your Financial Seatbelt. Book review 109
Fine On Action. Book review 200
Fire Gazer. Brief article 106
Fixing You. Brief article 89
From Beer to Maternity. Brief article 97
From Riches to Happiness. Book review 105
Gateway to the Heavens. Book review 109
Give, Eat, and Live. Brief article 97
Gloria's Miracle. Book review 112
Good Harbor Bay. Book review 93
Grisha. Brief article 86
Harmony. Book review 89
Heads Deacon, Tails Devil. Book review 106
Healing and the Creative Response. Brief article 92
Hell-th Scare. Brief article 106
here's Your Free Gift--send $10 for shipping. Book review 111
Herodotus. Brief article 96
How Coffee Saved My Life. Book review 93
How to Stop Hating Your Ex... Book review 116
Hue. Brief article 112
I Knew It Then. Book review 88
Jefferson's Dream. Book review 106
John Brown Photo Chronology. Book review 109
Just One More Day. Brief article 85
Kabbalah for Inner Peace. Brief article 119
Kung Fu Kitty. Book review 217
La bell' America. Brief article 124
Language Death Night Outside. Book review 85
Lessons from the Vietnam War. Brief article 256
Life as a Sandwich. Book review 93
Loco Lobo. Brief article 89
Long Night's Journey into Daybreak. Book review 97
Managing Infertility. Brief article 91
Me, Myself, & Inc. Book review 100
Meanderings. Book review 127
Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic. Book review 99
Memorable Seasons. Book review 194
Mercy. Brief article 111
Milestones. Book review 91
Musical Chairs. Brief article 85
My Dreams Come True. Brief article 91
My Father's Love. Book review 108
Mynd Map. Book review 87
No One Ever Told Me... Book review 98
No Stress Tech Guide To Contact And Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Using ACT! 2010. Book review 113
On the Mission in Missouri & Fifty Years Ago. Brief article 114
One Last Dance. Book review 103
Pause Now. Book review 83
Perseverance. Brief article 92
Pinch Me. Book review 91
Portraits. Book review 103
Professionalism in the Real World. Brief article 104
San Diego's Finest Athletes: Five Exceptional Lives. Book review 125
Sao Tome. Brief article 110
Satan's Chamber. Brief article 90
Saving Sailing. Book review 106
Screwing the Pooch. Book review 87
Second Chance. Brief article 109
Secrets Girls Keep. Brief article 115
Shooting the Moon. Brief article 134
Simply Fantastic. Brief article 103
Smoking: 201 Reasons To Quit. Book review 93
Stop Bullying at Work. Brief article 109
Success. Book review 98
Surviving the Angel of Death. Brief article 131
Symptoms of a Broken Heart. Brief article 95
Systems Out of Balance. Brief article 93
Targets of Deception. Brief article 93
Texas Panic! Brief article 96
That Demon Life. Book review 102
The American Evolution. Brief article 108
The Bible in Rhyme. Book review 95
The Complementary Nature of Reality. Brief article 134
The Discoverer. Brief article 103
The Divine Farce. Book review 86
The Dog Ate My Planner. Book review 93
The Essential Guide to Mystery Shopping. Book review 95
The Eternal Messiah. Book review 106
The Fairest Portion of the Globe. Book review 129
The Fire Stone. Brief article 91
The Ghost Trap. Brief article 83
The Great Grammar Book. Book review 98
The Green World. Book review 99
The Neck Pain Handbook. Brief article 128
The Santa Story Revisited. Book review 109
The Thinking Man's Guide to Women. Brief article 147
The Violent Person. Brief article 113
The Wind Thief. Book review 92
There Are No Words. Book review 108
Topless Prophet. Brief article 101
Twenty Five Years Ago Today. Book review 102
Unleashing the Power of Parental Love. Brief article 125
Vigil in the Night. Book review 143
Vision Works. Brief article 130
We're All Screwed! Brief article 111
When I'm 64: Planning For the Best of Your Life. Brief article 119
Whores. Brief article 98
You Are the Reason. Brief article 109
You Might Need a Jacket. Book review 111

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