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Small Loaders/Receivers for Medical, Mini Central Vacuum System.

Conair Group, Cranberry Twp., Pa., introduced three new products at NPE2018, where "small" is the key descriptive term. First, MedLine ML Series loader and MR Series receivers are small stainless-steel units whose cleanroom-ready design and construction are said to suit them for medical applications on injection machines up to 400 tons. They are designed for bolt-on mounting to Conair MicroWheel dryers or other smaller material hoppers without the need for drilling.

The ML Series self-contained vacuum loaders have a 3/8-hp vacuum motor and body seals that enable them to convey materials over distances up to 20 ft. The smaller ML-1 loader has throughput of up to 75 lb/hr, while the larger ML-2 loader, with a 5-in.-tall glass extension, handles up to 100 lb/hr. Quick-disconnect lock and hinged motor assembly offer easy access to the loader body and filter assembly during maintenance or material changes. Optional blowback feature on ML Series motors provides an adjustable cleaning cycle to prolong filter life.

MR Series receivers are designed to operate as part of a central vacuum-conveying system, with material delivered through a top-mounted vacuum-sequencing valve that can swivel in any direction to simplify hose installation. A quick-disconnect clip opens the hinged lid, swinging the vacuum valve out of the way for easy access to the receiver body and filter screen. The MR-1 receiver has a material-holding capacity of 1 lb, while the larger MR-2 receiver has a 5-in.-tall glass extension that increases its capacity to 2 lb. A discharge valve on the bottom of the receiver incorporates a demand switch that automatically replenishes the receiver and hopper.

In addition, Conair showed off its new PowerFill 8 mini central vacuum systems, which can deliver material to up to eight destinations. Three models have maximum throughputs from 900 to 3200 lb/hr over maximum tubing lengths from 100 to 225 ft. Mounted on two wheels and featuring an Allen-Bradley PLC and 7-in. touchscreen, these units can link to Conair receivers and valves via plug-and-play electrical and communications cables. Users can select single-material, ratio, volume, and time-fill loading, as well as an idle-mode valve, which allows the vacuum pump to continue running between loading cycles to reduce the number of pump stop-start cycles, which prolongs pump life.

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Caption: Conair's new MedLine ML Series hopper loader.

Caption: Conair's MedLine MR Series receiver.

Caption: Conair's new Powerfill 8 mini central vacuum system.

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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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