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Slow release: the key to flavour enhancement.

LycoRed ( offers a new line of slow release ingredients that help candy manufacturers to meet their number one challenge: how to retain taste longer. Chewing gum and chewy candies ordinarily maintain their good taste for less than five minutes. LycoRed's slow release technologies prolong flavour release, improving the marketability of gums and candies in a competitive arena where flavour enhancement adds value. "As you can imagine, flavour is a key factor in candy and gum sales," states Udi Alroy, VP Global Marketing and Sales at LycoRed. "When we tell manufacturers that we can supply them with sugar-free ingredients that will maintain flavour longer, you can bet they are interested." LycoRed offers three artificial sweeteners: SucraCote sucralose, AsparCote aspartame and AcesuCote acesulfam K - each in a slow release delivery system providing taste enhancement through longer flavour retention. Micro-encapsulated CapsuDar Malic Acid allows for slow release of sour flavours.

A new report from Global Business Insights says the fastest growing category within the US confectionary market is chewing gum, with an annual compound growth rate of 5.2%. "Gum manufacturers have a huge opportunity here for growth through innovation," says Alroy "Sugar-free gums are particularly hot." A recent study by the Wrigley Science Institute found that chewing gum may play a role in weight control. Participants reported decreased hunger pangs and reduced calorie intake when they chewed gum before a snack. "This is good news for the sugar-free gum business," said Alroy. "Prolonged flavour release added to an already sugar-free gum creates a winning combination for your weight conscious consumer."


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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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