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Slow Grow and Cornish roosters. (Country conversation & feedback).

COUNTRYSIDE: In the Nov/Dec 2001 issue, Lesa Jones had trouble raising Rock Cornish Cross chickens. I had the same problem and asked the hatchery (Murray McMurray) what the problem was. After a long conversation, my altitude was mentioned (6,200 feet). It turns out I should have been raising the Cornish Roasters or Cornish Slow Grow breeds. It seems the genes in the Rock Cornish Cross and the Cornish Slow Grow are different, allowing the Slow Grow to handle the altitude. The Rock Cornish have a tendency to eat too much, too quickly for the altitude and often end up with heart attacks.

The Cornish Roaster (Murray McMurray Hatchery, PO Box 458, Webster City, IA 50595)and the Slow Grow (Privitt Hatchery, Los Cruses, NM) have both done well for me. -- Dean Waddell, Aztec, NM
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Author:Waddell, Dean
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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