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Slovenian households consumed the most energy for space heating.

In 2012, Slovenia households consumed 49,696 TJ of energy or almost 2% less than in the previous year. Total energy consumption decreased mainly due to decreased energy consumption for space heating, which decreased by almost 3% compared to the previous year. Consumption of electricity for other purposes (lighting, electrical appliances and other purposes) decreased by almost 3%. Both energy consumption for cooking and energy consumption for water heating decreased by less than one percent.Most of the energy (about 30,900 TJ or 62%) was consumed for space heating. For water heating about 9,600 TJ (19%) of energy was consumed, 14% or about 7,000 TJ of energy was consumed for lighting, electrical appliances and other purposes and almost 2,200 TJ or almost 5% of all energy was consumed for cooking.Wood fuels prevailed among consumed energy sources in SloveniaIn 2012, among the consumed energy sources, wood fuels (which include firewood, wood waste, wood chips, pellets and briquettes) prevailed with a 40% share. Electricity consumption represented 23% of total energy consumed in households and consumption of extra light heating oil 16%. Households also consumed a considerable amount of natural gas (10%) and district heating (7%). Consumption of other energy sources represented smaller shares.Compared to the previous year, the quantities of consumed energy mostly decreased, only the consumptions of natural gas, wood fuels, solar and geothermal energy went up. An obvious decrease was noticeable in the consumption of extra light heating oil (by 13%), mainly due to a decrease in the quantity consumed for space heating (15%). Consumption of liquefied petroleum gas decreased by 10%, and consumption of district heat energy decreased by 8%. Consumption of geothermal energy (produced by heat pumps) increased by 27%, but its share among total energy consumed was only 1.1%. The share of energy produced by solar panels was even lower (0.8%).Wood fuels prevailed also for space and water heatingFor space heating, the highest share with 51% was also represented by wood fuels. They were followed by extra light heating oil (20%) and natural gas (12%).For water heating, wood fuels (38%), electricity (24%) and extra light heating oil (19%) were mostly used.Among the energy used for cooking, electricity (42%) and liquefied petroleum gas (34%) prevailed.Dwellings and water were in 2012 mainly heated by central heatingMajority of energy for dwellings heating was in 2012 provided through central heating (about 78%); over 13% through local heating and around 9% through district heating. It was similar with energy consumption for sanitary water heating, where consumption of energy in central heating prevailed (almost 67%), followed by local heating (almost 26%) and district heating (almost 7%).Most electricity in Slovenia households in 2012 was consumed by large household appliancesBreakdown of electricity consumption by end use showed that in 2012 811 GWh (26%) of electricity was consumed by large household appliances (refrigeration and freezing appliances, washing, drying machines and dishwashers). For space heating 652 GWh (21%) and for water heating 615 GWh (19%) of electricity was consumed. For TV sets and personal computers 300 GWh (8%) and for lighting 259 GWh (8%) of electricity was consumed. Slovenia Statistical Office
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Date:Oct 9, 2013
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