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Slovak writer and film director Peter Kristafek dies in a bus crash.

The documentarist and writer, aged 44, was one of the two casualties of the fatal Monday crash between a bus and a truck.Publisher Koloman Kertesz Bagala who published the book debut of Peter Kristafek confirmed for the Sme daily that the Slovak writer and maker of documentary films died on Monday, April 23. He was one of the two fatalities resulting from the collision between a bus and a truck on the R1 dual carriageway from Banska Bystrica to Zvolen, near the village of Badin.

Peter Kristafek, a Bratislava native, graduated in film and TV directing at the local Academy of Performing Arts (VSMU). He made more than 20 documentary movies and two shorter feature films Noc na Slnku (A Night in the Sun) and Aky nadherny svet! (What a Wonderful World!).

He shot the TV film Dlha Kratka Noc (Long Short Night), for which he received the Igric Award in 2004, and the long documentary film Momentky (Snapshots) about musician Dezo Ursiny.Successful in the Hungarian, English marketKristafek published four books with the publishing house of Koloman Kertesz Bagala.

He reached the final round of the Poviedka (Short Story) literary competition. He received the Ivan Krasko Award for his collection of short stories, Nepresne Miesto (Inaccurate Place).

With the novel Dom Hlucheho (The House of the Deaf Man), he also reached the Hungarian and English literary market.Kristafek loved detective stories and had a very sophisticated, charming style.

In movies, he tried to discover a new language, shooting unconventionally.This year, he planned to publish a new novel and start filming his novelette Ema a Smrtihlav (Ema and the Death's-Head Hawkmoth) with cinematographer Martin Strba, who just recently received the national film award Sun in a Net.

They cooperated on Kristafek's last film, Viditeny Svet (The Visible World). 24. Apr 2018 at 13:58 |Compiled by Spectator staff

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Date:Apr 24, 2018
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