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Slot-together fence, assembled in the garage.

A slot-together assembly technique enabled most of this fence to be built in a garage-where it was dry and materials could be cut more precisely. Only the 4by-4 posts were set in place ahead of time, exactly 6 feet from center to center. Designed and built by Tony Douglas of Lake Oswego, Oregon, the fence consists of panels that slide into grooves dadoed into vertical 2-by-4s added to the post sides. Each panel measures 45 by 67 inches, with horizontal 2-by-6s serving as top and bottom rails. The edges of the 2-by-6s have dadoed grooves (1/2 by 1/2 inch) that receive same-size tenons cut in the ends of 2-by-2 fence slats. With the posts set in concrete, Mr. Douglas glued and nailed the slotted 2-by-4s to the post sides, then bevel-cut the tops. He inserted and secured the panels and added the beveled 1-by-6s to the posts. 1-1
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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