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Sliven Tops Income Inequality in Bulgaria.

Sliven is the Bulgarian city with a highest income disparity, while Blagoevgrad is with the lowest according to a study of the Institute for Market Economics.

The indicator measuring the gap between the richest and poorest 20% of the population in Sliven is 12.6. It is followed by Pazardzhik - 11.6, and Vidin a 10.8. The average indicator for the country is 6.

The lowest income disparity is in Blagoevgrad a 3.5, followed by the capital Sofia a 3.8. Gabrovo and Kurdzhali also maintain fairly low levels of inequality a 4.0.

Similarly, Vidin and Sliven are the cities with the highest share of citizens living under the poverty line, while the lowest is in Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Lovech.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Geographic Code:4EXBU
Date:Apr 29, 2014
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