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Byline: Best of ... by The Register-Guard

Tis the season to shop for something slinky, and we at Best of ... have two words for local procrastinators: Freudian Slip.

Before you join the thong-seeking throngs this weekend at that other lingerie shop with the clever name - the one lampooning what lay beneath the royal robes of a certain queen - do your sweetie a favor. Visit this one-of-a-kind newcomer to the downtown retail scene.

May we say that one reason is not so subliminally spelled out in Freudian Slip's name?

Still not getting it?

OK: S-L-I-P. This shop still carries this increasingly scarce but indispensible woman's undergarment: a sleek, silky layer worn between the skin and outer clothing that will otherwise bunch, creep, itch or chafe. Webster's New World dictionary lists "slip," not coincidentally we think, just below "slinky," which it describes as "sinuous and graceful in movement, line, etc."

A definition that does not apply to some of the underwired, corsetted, gartered, scratchy-laced contraptions featured at the aforementioned chain lingerie store. Items that may look fabulous on anorexic, silicon-enhanced teenage models, but that make most real women feel, as Usher might rap it, ri-DIC-u-LOUS.

If you want to make your woman feel slinky 24/7, you can't go wrong with one of the silk slips purveyed by Freudian owner Lisa Read, a native Northwesterner who graduated from the Fashion Institute of New York. A basic, full-length silk charmeuse - in violet, black, rose or ivory - goes for $65.

Our own Best of ... favorite, however, is a black silk half-slip trimmed in rhinestones and a silk tulle ruffle. She can slip this little $50 baby on beneath even the most buttoned-down business suit and feel sexy all day.

Not to worry: Freudian Slip also carries plenty of delicious eye-candy items to please you, her partner.

A favorite with men, Read says, is a ruby lace-up corset trimmed in black lace ($55) designed to fulfill all your pirate/bodice ripper fantasies. In short, there's something for both of you. Even if she doesn't happen to be a waif: Read carries items in size XS to 2X.

Happy shopping!


Freudian Slip

Where: 870 Pearl St.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Information: 345-SLIP or

Slip into something more comfortable and get cozy with the Best of ... archive at


Lisa Read offers items slinky, sexy, soothing and just plain romantic at her dowtown Eugene lingerie shop, Freudian Slip.
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Title Annotation:Columns; You'll both just love the new, local entry in the racy race to take over in women's underwear
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Article Type:Column
Date:Feb 11, 2005
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