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Slim line continuous level sensor.

Slimline submersible plastic sensors for continuous level measurement in confined spaces and small-size boreholes are available from Impress Sensors & Systems.

At 21mm, the LMK 806 series of PVC-housed submersible ceramic sensors is designed for hydrostatic level measurement of wastewater and other aggressive media haside confined spaces.

LMK 806 level sensors have different cable materials (such as PVC, PUR and FEP) and seals to suit a range of media.

The LMK 806 series has a flush-mounted ceramic sensing element. A removable nose cone exposes the flush diaphragm for cleaning.

Impress' director Sam Drury says: "It's unusual to find a plastic level sensor with such a small diameter. Most plastic level sensors are much bulkier."

Nominal pressure ranges are from 0 ... 6mWG up to 0 ... 200mWG. Accuracy is +/0.5% FSO to IEC 60770 and so includes all setting errors, making this a high accuracy level-measuring instrument.

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Title Annotation:Technology
Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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