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Slide, swing, slam. Pools that offer more than swimming.

Slide, swing, slam. Pools that offer more than swimming

Bursting from the water for a slam dunk or volleyball spike, flying through the air and landing with a splash, rocketing down a water slide--all sound like a child's summer fantasies. But they're hot-weather realities in the five swimming pools shown here.

The simplest pool addition is a basketball backboard at one end of Suzanne and Jerry Flynn's Los Angeles lap pool. The removable backboard and rim are not regulation size: 1/2-inch particle board forms the 2- by 3-foot backboard; the rim came from an indoor foam-ball game. Two U-shaped pipe supports clamp around a threaded 1 1/4-inch galvanized pipe rising 30 inches from a fitting set in the brick. Nick Williams of Calabasas, California, designed the pool.

Increasingly popular "sport pools' have a uniform 4- to 5-foot depth, ideal for basketball and volleyball (as well as swimming). The 20- by 40-foot pool at Judy and Sam Honaker's Albuquerque house is wide enough for three people at a net stretched between removable pipes. William Hays and Tim Walker designed pool and garden.

A swing or rope hung from a branch lets you launch yourself into the water. In the garden at far right on the opposite page, a giant avocado tree extends a branch over the pool. Landscape architect Randon Garver of Santa Monica gave the pool a jungly look by running plants right up to a rock-lined edge. (Remember that overhanging trees--particularly ones like avocados, which shed flowers, fruit, and leaves--require extra pool maintenance.)

Since no tree branches at Susan and Don Norberg's house reached over their pool, Pasadena landscape designer William Woods added the inverted L-shaped arm shown above right. Set 6 feet into concrete, a 6-inch steel pipe rises 18 feet; the 4-inch pipe arm with knee brace extends 16 feet over the pool. A sturdy rope with a reinforcing thimble connects to the arm with an anchor shackle; an acrylic disc makes a perch. This is not for young children, warns Woods.

Landscape architect Ned Bosworth of Fullerton, California, turned a problem hillside into a slippery bonus when he designed the twisting, 20-foot-long slide that follows the steep grade. Surfaced with the same colored plaster as the pool, the slide has its own pump to keep a steady stream of water flowing down its face.

Photo: Tarzan swing hangs from steel arm Reaching through the branches of a tall juniper, the long metal arm of this rope swing lets teen-age Tarzans atart from a tree limb, arc out over the pool, and land in the deep end. They can sit or stand on the 1/2-inch-thick acrylic ring

Photo: Shallow pool becomes watery court A removable net stretched across this 4 1/2-foot-deep sports pool allows hours of splash-filled fun. End posts fit into recessed sleeves in pool decking

Photo: Slippery slide leads to pool Slickened by water, this slide blends into a hillside of boulders, Southern sword ferns, and horsetails. The plastered slide was steel troweled to a glass-slick surface. A more sedate path to the pool is down broad wooden steps (above), which lead past rock-faced spa

Photo: Giant avocado tree supports swing A rocky border and poolside planting create a lush setting. The swing hangs from the arching branch of an avocado tree

Photo: Poolside hoop provides hours of play She shoots over the outreached hands of these sopping hoopsters. The pipe base with undersize backboard unscrews from pool's brick apron
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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