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Slicker than Teflon.

Built to be faster, smoother and quieter than all other slides, the Fast Slide-Pro snaps on in seconds to replace any under cable-rod slide. The portion of the slide that contact the cables is a powdered material that is 15- to 30-percent slicker than Teflon. The powder can be molded and baked making it more versatile than Teflon and early testing has shown that it wears better, according to Saunders. The rest of the slide and roller is constructed from Delron, basically a hard plastic material for extra durability. The Fast Slide-Pro will fit all standard 3/8-inch cable guide rods. The roller is a true roller, not molded, so it does not have a seam that could fail or cause wear. The roller is mounted on a stainless steel axle pin and seems to have just enough play to eliminate the chance of getting any debris in the slide causing the roller to seize like ball bearing slides of the past.


Taking a dime and prying open one side of the slide can easily pop the cable insert out/in to capture the cables in the slide. I shot the bow with a standard slide and then with the Fast Slide-Pro to get a feel for the difference. The roller reduced friction compared to the factory slide and caused an increase of speed by about three fps. Prior to shooting the Fast Slide-Pro I also listened for bow noise and vibration. The Fast Slide-Pro did not seem to add either.--DD

Contact: Saunders Archery-USA, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 476, Columbus, NE 68601; (800) 228-1408;
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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