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Sleepless in nonprofits: 2017 has the makings of a challenging year.

There are many, many reasons to toss and turn at night when you're the leader of a national nonprofit. In a few cases, there are more than a billion reasons. There are consistent nightmares that interrupt sleep patterns--transparency, finances, regulation.

There are also a few issues for which there are unique answers and insights from executives who have succeeded, or failed and tried again, at resolving one of the sector's great management issues.

There are some perspectives on the next few pages that might give you pause. These are forward thinkers focused not just on today but look to the horizon and see peril. Relax. There's time to fix the projected problems and smart executives are starting to do so now.

The NonProfit Times has published its Power & Influence Top 50 for the past 18 years. These are the executives moving the charitable sector's needle into the positive range. We reached out to seven of the 2016 honorees to reveal what makes the pits of their stomachs roil.

These executives didn't make the Top 50 by being stayed in their thoughts and actions. Here are what they will be working on for 2017.

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Publication:The Non-profit Times
Date:Dec 1, 2016
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