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Sleeping With Strangers.

Sleeping With Strangers By Eric Jerome Dickey Dutton, April 2007 $24,95, ISBN 0-525-94999-2

Since releasing his first novel more than 10 years ago, best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey has crafted an incredibly popular blueprint for commercial fiction. Yet within this framework, it's obvious that he strives for growth in his writing without forsaking the keys to his popularity and success.

In Sleeping With Strangers, his latest novel, Dickey takes readers on an international ride of murder, mayhem and mystery through the measured and calculating voice of Gideon, a likeable and troubled contract killer.

After executing a well-known rapper and his entourage in Florida, Gideon jets on a plane to London, traveling between two women: a sophisticated, grieving widow and a young, talkative actress. Gideon is both suspicious of and aroused by his two traveling companions.

Once in London, Gideon sleeps with strangers. He also connects with Arizona, a thief, the love of his life, and the reason why he's on a mission to do whatever it takes to make one million dollars. And, he locates the one woman whom he blames for his dysfunction--the one woman he'd kill for free. Meanwhile another hired murderer, a bothered family man, accepts a contract on Gideon's head.

In trying to manage both the suspense and mystery elements of the story, however, Dickey underdevelops key relationships--such as the one between Gideon and Arizona.

But Sleeping With Strangers concludes with heightened tension and unanswered questions to have readers clamoring for the next installment, Waking With Enemies, which is scheduled for an August release.
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Author:Pride, Felicia
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Date:May 1, 2007
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