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Sleeman Brewing Co. introduces Toronto Light.

Sleeman Brewing Co. introduces Toronto Light

Responding to "consumer demand," The Sleeman Brewing and Malting Co. is introducing a new imported light beer to the Detroit area--Toronto Light, John Sleeman, president, Sleeman Brewing Co. said.

"Light beer is a relatively new style of lager for us, but Toronto Light holds true to the tradition of quality and high standards maintained by the Sleeman family," Sleeman added.

Toronto Light is the first beer made by Sleeman Brewing Co., partly owned by The Stroh Brewery Co., for consumption in both Canada and the U.S., Sleeman said.

Former Detroit Red Wing and Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player, Tiger Williams, is spokesman for Toronto Light, being marketed as the "favorite beer of rogues and adventurers."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 4, 1989
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